Monday, January 28, 2013

Visit Digital WarRoom booth 1516, See iPAD document discovery, win the iPAD

Digital WarRoom, the e-discovery platform for affordable, accessible e-discovery, will be on exhibit at LegalTech 2013 in New York, January 29-31 at the New York Hilton. E-Discovery experts will be on hand in booth 1516, inviting visitors to try Digital WarRoom document review on an Apple iPAD.  Visitors registering at the booth will be eligible to win the iPAD at the close of the conference.


 “Our 10 years experience in hosting high-volume and complex matters for GGO clients drove the design of Digital WarRoom - the first e-discovery software platform to include ESI processing, analytics, review, and production in a single software application. Digital WarRoom WorkGroup, a multi-user server for in-house e-discovery, and Digital WarRoom Pro, a single-user desktop product, were built on the core technology behind our successful hosted service, to provide powerful tools to corporations and law firms who want to cost-effectively manage everyday e-discovery projects in-house,” said Bill Gallivan, CEO of parent company, the leading e-discovery service provider, GGO LLC.


Digital WarRoom is positioned squarely to advance the in-house e-discovery trend.  The client-server design allows mobile workers access from tablet devices.  When installed behind the firewall, Digital WarRoom is compatible with numerous repositories such as MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, and other Wiki and collaborative applications.


“Implementations of WorkGroup and Pro have more than doubled year-over-year since the product introduction at LegalTech 2011.  That’s a resounding affirmation of the need for more efficient in-house solutions,” said Barry O’Melia, head of the Digital WarRoom product division.  “Organizations can confidently implement e-discovery on the Digital WarRoom platform, knowing that Digital WarRoom training and support will assure their success. So they are on their own, but not going it alone.”


Visitors are invited to booth 1516 to learn more about Digital WarRoom, or visit the Digital_WarRoom site in advance to request a private demonstration onsite at the Hilton Sky Suite.



About Digital WarRoom e-Discovery Platform

Digital WarRoom is the first e-discovery platform to provide law firms, corporate legal and e-discovery teams with complete ESI processing, document review and production in a single application, eliminating traditional high-cost volume-based processing fees.  GGO created the Digital WarRoom technology for in-house use by solo attorneys, corporations and law firms to address document processing, review and production in legal matters of all types. The software is licensed in a variety of forms, addressing any size law firm or matter:

  • Digital WarRoom Pro, the first Windows PC-based product for e-discovery, allowing an individually licensed user to conduct complete e-discovery on a Windows computer;
  • Digital WarRoom WorkGroup, a client-server application that allows corporate IT, in-house legal, or law firm e-discovery practitioners to manage e-discovery case data processing, document review and production without high priced volume-based processing; 
  • Digital WarRoom Remote hosted e-discovery, a full-service hosted platform designed for distributed and virtual team access to case data. 


The Digital WarRoom platform is unique in its ability to create and save case data in a portable form.  A case database created on any Digital WarRoom product can move seamlessly to any other Digital WarRoom product, with all attorney work product preserved. This unmatched flexibility allows organizations to cost effectively handle an entire portfolio of matters in-house, while retaining the option for full-service hosted review on larger, complex and global matters.  To learn more about Digital WarRoom visit

By Guest Blogger: Digital WarRoom by GGO