Friday, February 3, 2012

Advances in Simpana 9 Deliver Enhanced Value for Legal Users


CommVault (NASDAQ: CVLT) –LEGALTECH, NEW YORK—Feb. 1, 2012

At this year’s LegalTech New York conference, CommVault (booth #1401) addresses tough legal information management challenges with newly introduced enhancements to its Simpana® 9 software, leveraging a single ContentStore that provides collection, preservation and discovery benefits to drive down complexity, cost and risk.

News Facts

  • During its virtual SolveForward 2012 event today, CommVault will unveil next-generation Singular Information Management® innovations to its Simpana software. Built around a common data repository or ContentStore, these latest innovations empower legal teams to lower risk and costs while driving efficiencies by streamlining the collection, preservation and discovery of data across a wide variety of sources spanning email stores, documents and even laptops at the “edge.”
  • CommVault’s latest advancements enable customers to more effectively retain and archive information, efficiently meet eDiscovery obligations, and defensibly dispose of information. These include:
    • New Simpana OnePass capability facilitates more efficient eDiscovery of unstructured data sets that have grown too big to manage using traditional methods. By collapsing redundant processes into a single operation, organizations can slash the combined time typically required to backup, archive and report by more than 50 percent while providing a single virtual repository for streamlined data preservation and review.
    • Other new features include a purpose-built legal user interface to enable efficient, reliable self-service; extended SharePoint archive capabilities to help control explosive growth; edge data protection to preserve, protect and access business critical information on desktops and laptops; and Simpana ObjectLink, a web services interface that delivers a highly scalable, secure Simpana private cloud architecture using commodity hardware for long term information retention and discovery.
    • With these enhancements, CommVault offers a singular retention, preservation and eDiscovery solution so information can be easily and reliably accessed, according to its business, compliance or evidentiary value.

Simpana Software Meets the Needs of Legal, Compliance & Records Teams

  • Simpana software is gaining traction within the legal industry because its single platform approach facilitates better control of applications, processes and data workflow across an enterprise. CommVault provides users with Simpana ContentStore, an intelligent, highly scalable, virtual repository that pulls in data from multiple sources including email, SharePoint, files, documents and information living on edge devices. With a reusable, common data repository, legal teams can reduce the risk and cost of eDiscovery, which are cited as the number one pressure point for organizations in the Forrester Research, Inc. Global Message Archiving Online Survey.  New Simpana features include:
  • New Simpana OnePass capability – An industry first, from a single data collection, information is copied, indexed and stored with a “one pass” backup, archive and reporting process into Simpana ContentStore. With a single data store, legal departments can streamline preservation and eliminate data redundancy during the review process to improve outcomes and lower cost. Additionally, Simpana OnePass policies now extend full coverage for scale-out file systems including Dell Lustre HPC and HP X9000 Network Storage System to combine cost-effective protection, retention and management for Big Data solutions.
  • New, extended SharePoint discovery with support for Microsoft BLOB storage – As one of the fastest growing applications in Microsoft’s history, SharePoint workspaces are characterized by unwieldy data and multiple versions of the same document, sites, sub-sites and folders. CommVault’s integration with BLOB (binary large object) storage now enables legal teams to proactively respond and avoid costly collection processes by simply searching and indexing data already at rest within Simpana ContentStore. Teams also gain long-term retention and disposition benefits to meet compliance with internal policies and external regulations.
  • New Edge Data Protection – In today’s mobile work environments, desktop and laptop computers often hold data that is a target for legal and compliance investigations. Corporations need a defensible and automated solution to identify, collect, preserve, and review all relevant data sources—including information stored at the edge. CommVault’s new Edge Data Protection solution provides centralized protection, preservation, access to thousands of Windows, Mac and Linux systems. With integrated content indexing, legal teams can centralize discovery and preservation of information on desktops, laptops or in the cloud to lower risk and eDiscovery costs.
  • New Simpana ObjectLink – CommVault’s REST-based API emulates the Amazon S3 interface, allowing legal teams to search content, centralize data and preserve relevant information for eDiscovery in a secure, highly scalable, hardware-agnostic data cloud. As the number and type of content sources increase, cloud computing offers businesses a viable way to centralize the management of growing data. The Simpana ObjectLink interface allows a customer to push web content into the Simpana ContentStore for retention. Legal teams can then easily protect, archive and recover this data, while also retaining versions and histories that can be opted into the legal review process as needed. With Simpana ObjectLink, organizations can expand the scope of the Simpana ContenStore to include web documents and business records to reduce overall collection and preservation costs, while ensuring that data is searchable and fully discoverable for improved information insight.
  • New purpose-built user interface – Designed with legal users in mind, CommVault empowers corporate legal teams to search, navigate and mine data as part of self-service searches to minimize reliance on IT. Enhanced single-click preservation from any data source managed by Simpana software is now driven by simple metadata, as well as an ESI content index to speed the discovery and litigation process and help legal teams better prepare for early case assessments.

By Guest Blogger: CommVault Systems