Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ipro Named as a Careerbuilder® Top Company

Ipro Named as a Careerbuilder® Top Company to Work For

PHOENIX, June 25, 2015 – Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in the design of eDiscovery workflow software, today announced that the company has been named as one of the Careerbuilder 2015 Top Companies to Work for in Arizona. The statewide workplace awards program, organized by CareerBuilder® and Republic Media recognizes organizations that are creating quality jobs and work environments in Arizona.

Founded in 1989, Ipro achieved record sales in 2014 and over 35 percent employee growth over the past three years. Kim Taylor, Ipro’s President and COO, believes “Ipro’s success is attributed to its amazing team of employees united around our common goal of excellence. We strive to deliver innovation and value to our customers; and we’re proud to be recognized as one of Arizona’s “Top Companies”. “

Due to its tremendous growth, Ipro recently outgrew its building space in northeast Phoenix and is planning to move by Sept. 1 to a new 36,000-square-foot office in Tempe. The new state-of-the-art space will include a game room, training facility, bicycles for recreational use, and a large outdoor space for grilling and holding Popsicle Friday events that celebrate company and employee successes.

Companies were selected based on a combination of overall satisfaction scores from an Employee Engagement Survey, and evaluation from an Employer Questionnaire covering topics related to HR programs, benefits, leadership, training and workplace culture. Winners were announced today at the “Top Companies” breakfast reception at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix. The list of winners and related stories will appear in a special supplement inserted in the June 28 edition of The Arizona Republic and La Voz on July 12, and online at and

For information on joining the Ipro team, visit

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DriveSavers eDiscovery & digital forensic solution are legally defensible, repeatable & customizable

DriveSavers eDiscovery and digital forensic solutions are legally defensible and repeatable, customized to control costs and manage individual aspects of the process from beginning to end. Some of the services offered include data recovery, forensic imaging, expert witness testimony and corporate legal services such as litigation management and data analytics. 

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DriveSavers specializes in resurrecting physically failed drives to provide images for investigation

The destruction of evidence is an increasing problem for eDiscovery and forensic investigations. Don’t risk losing valuable evidence.

DriveSavers specializes in resurrecting physically failed drives to provide forensically sound images for further investigation.

Our forensic team has expertise in all types of data storage media and decades of experience making forensic images of functional, physically damaged or mechanically failed devices.

By Guest Blogger: DriveSavers Data Recovery, eDiscovery and Digital Forensics

With posted proof of an annual SOC 2 Type II audit, data privacy is protected at DriveSavers.

With more than 12,000 business partners worldwide serving the financial, healthcare, government, education and corporate business sectors, it’s essential for DriveSavers to ensure the protection of customer data during the data recovery, eDiscovery or digital forensic process.

The control objectives established for DriveSavers annual SOC 2 Type II security audit are designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of the corporate clients and government agencies the company serves.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

eShares: Cap Tables & $99/month 409A

eShares is the first and only SEC-registered Transfer Agent for private companies. Our online platform allows companies—from seed stage to pre-IPO—to manage equity electronically with the participation of their shareholders, employees, auditors, and legal counsel.

Our mission is to consolidate private company ownership onto one common electronic registry, and bring a wealth of financial services—previously reserved only for public companies—to all privately held companies.

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At the Very Center of Digital Business

Franklin Data, established in 2001, is an international firm supporting corporations, law firms, government, and educational clients.  Trusted on sensitive and high profile matters, we have an emphasis in digital investigations and electronic discovery and our experience makes the difference when you’re faced with experiential, economic, time, and geographical constraints.



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Monday, June 29, 2015

Data Analytics: Exploring solutions to Management of Unstructured Data

Data Analytics: Exploring Solutions to Management of Unstructured Data

Leveraging information for business benefits is a long standing practice; however, the digital revolution forever altered the landscape under which such analysis was previously performed. Information formerly tracked by the number of files and boxes is now captured in gigabytes, terabytes and petabytes. This is not a mere change in vernacular to recognize digital content, but, from a broader perspective, represents a growth of information once unimaginable in a brick and mortar setting.

Due to the sheer volume of data generated, there is no means by which individuals can analyze all that information without some sort of technological assistance. Yet, technology to date is better suited for generating data, than analyzing it. This is the problem of “big data.”

For the free white paper on Data Analytics: Exploring Solutions to Management of Unstructured Data, download it at

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