Wednesday, February 1, 2017

QUADROtech debut brand new eDiscovery tool at Legaltech

QUADROtech debut brand new eDiscovery tool at Legaltech, the leading global provider of data migration solutions has developed new file discovery technology, designed to help the legal community search for relevant files, and conduct eDiscovery.

By Guest Blogger: QUADROtech Solutions AG

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Closing the Document Management Awareness Gap

Accusoft study finds 90 percent of IT managers say they have adequate tools to protect their documents, but more than a third say sensitive information has leaked because of poor file management.

By Guest Blogger: Accusoft

Accusoft Streamlines Document Management with Launch of PrizmDoc v12.0

Accusoft's PrizmDoc v12.0 offers three major updates that increase efficiency for file management processes, offering organizations heightened productivity and reduced opportunities for error. The new version benefits a wide range of industries, including construction, criminal justice, healthcare, legal, education, and more.

By Guest Blogger: Accusoft

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP Selects DISCO as Firmwide E-Discovery Solution

Manatt, Phelps & Phillips LLP Selects DISCO as Firmwide E-Discovery Solution

Performance, ease of use, and price predictability key drivers for the move to DISCO’s next-generation cloud platform

Houston, TX —  Legal technology company CS Disco Inc. today announced that Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, an AmLaw 200 firm that represents a sophisticated client base in a range of industries, has partnered with DISCO as their firmwide ediscovery solution.

Manatt began working with DISCO in 2016 and, as the relationship grew, the firm evaluated the market for a new firm standard platform. “After testing a number of options, we chose DISCO as our preferred processing and review platform due to predictable pricing, advanced features, stability, and ease of use for our end users,” said Jim Rosenthal, Director of Litigation Support.

As the leading provider of software as a service solutions developed by and for lawyers and litigation professionals, DISCO is reinventing legal technology to automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law. Manatt envisions continuing to harness the platform’s scalable cloud infrastructure, cutting edge machine learning platform, and unmatched ease-of-use.

Mr. Rosenthal added, “A valuable aspect of the partnership has also been DISCO’s responsiveness. I know I can pick up the phone and get immediate access to veteran project management and technical support.”  

With over 60 of the top 200 AmLaw firms already using DISCO on a transactional basis, DISCO is excited to see this momentum expanding further with AmLaw 200 firms fully adopting DISCO as their single platform for ediscovery. Robust features such as multilayer case management, visual search analytics, and predictive technology are all strong arguments for DISCO’s success. What’s more, with over 50 plus years of legal experience across its organization, DISCO has built a legacy of delivering features that solve the problems legal professionals actually experience.  

“We are pleased to deepen our relationship with Manatt and appreciate their support as we work together to improve legal outcomes using technology,” said DISCO CEO, Kiwi Camara.


 About DISCO

As the leading provider of software as a service solutions developed by and for lawyers and litigation professionals, DISCO is reinventing legal technology to automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract from practicing law. DISCO has been embraced by more than 400 law firms, including 60 of the AmLaw 200, as their first choice for innovative technologies that help great lawyers and their teams secure justice and win cases.

By Guest Blogger: DISCO

More Reliable and Less Expensive Video Depositions by StoryCloud

More Reliable and Less Expensive Video Depositions

Kenneth J. Kalb, CEO, StoryCloud

January 2017

Video depositions can be problematic, unnecessarily cumbersome and all too often prohibitively expensive. That’s why StoryCloud has introduced an entirely new video deposition platform that is more reliable, secure, remarkably easy to use and inexpensive. 

In the past, a single videographer records a deposition using a traditional video camera and four separate microphones.  The session is often interrupted and halted every two hours to allow for the time limits of recording MPEG1 files on a DVD.  After the deposition, the video content is usually made available to participants days or weeks later by mailing a USB thumb drive, or DVD.  In the event the videographer makes a mistake, improperly framing, focusing, or capturing audio there are no alternatives. The videographer is a single point of failure.

 StoryCloud has a better more secure and reliable way.  First, we record the session with a videographer present using a state of the art iPod, or similar Apple device.  The content, which can be continuously recorded for more than 32 hours, is stored immediately on the Apple device at a rate of 1 gigabyte per hour.  The content is in a native high definition MPEG4 format.  Next, unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise, we use a single high performance microphone to capture the audio for all participants. Modern audio technology is capable of producing extremely high quality sound in medium sized conference rooms with many participants. 

But a single person behind the camera can still make a mistake, and that’s where StoryCloud’s 30 years of experience in building highly available fault tolerant telecommunications equipment for Cisco, Lucent, Ericsson, Alcatel, as well as its intellectual patent portfolio of three recently issued patents and nine more pending, come in to play.

 While the video and audio are being recorded on the local Apple device during the deposition, StoryCloud connects the system on a Wi-Fi network to the cloud.  Sending small amounts of data (less than one half a megabit per second), the software double checks the videographer using powerful and proprietary algorithms to insure that the content is in focus, properly lit, framed correctly and that the audio can be clearly heard. This means that if the videographer blinks, or happens to fall asleep, we catch it. Simply, this advanced technology enhances the performance of people; making the product vastly more reliable. 

Moreover, depending upon the available bandwidth, the video can be streamed to the cloud during the deposition, or immediately thereafter. At all times during the process the content is safely stored on the local camera, and secure and encrypted when streamed to the cloud. In all cases, it is made available within 24 hours after the deposition.  Downloadable file formats include MPEG1 and MPEG4, as well as, audio WAV and MP3 files.

Most importantly, StoryCloud makes this vastly more reliable and easier to use platform available at an all day, 8-hour rate of $400.00, which is a fraction of the price most attorneys currently pay for an all day video deposition. 

By Guest Blogger: StoryCloud, Inc.

Wolters KLuwer's ELM Solutions launches Passport Pro

Wolters Kluwer's ELM Solutions introduces Passport® Pro, a hosted, pre-configured legal management solution offering essential legal matter and spend management features and best practice-based workflows for smaller legal departments.

By Guest Blogger: Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions

Visit LawBase at booth 311 to learn more about LPM

LawBase will be at Legaltech New York 2017 - booth 311 - and will be showcasing its partnership with LegalShift to bring the award-winning legal project management (LPM) framework, BakerManage® into its signature offering. The company will be showing this innovative LPM toolset in booth #311 and in the company’s Product Demonstration Suite.


This latest enhancement offers clients an LPM methodology that has been implemented across thousands of legal matters and is proven to achieve significant cost savings and efficiencies for legal teams and their clients. The LPM software is available as an integrated component of LawBase or as a stand-alone product.


LawBase is a powerful and configurable case and matter management solution, known for incredible flexibility without sacrificing functionality. LawBase’s strengths include its wide array of integrations with other popular legal software that maximize the return on investment for users. LawBase allows law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies to track a file’s progress, maintain client files within various areas of the law, keep complete calendars and schedules, maintain file room management and perform large repetitive tasks with just a few keystrokes, saving time and money.

By Guest Blogger: LawBase