Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Implementing an Anti-Bribery System: A Brief Introduction to ISO 37001

ISO 37001 boosts client confidence and helps organizations prevent bribery. Certification is a boon for business.

By Guest Blogger: United Language Group

International Investigations: What Have We Learned?

Being well-versed in regulations, leveraging technology and working with a strong Language Service Provider (LSP) all help to streamline multilingual investigations.

By Guest Blogger: United Language Group

3 Things to Remember About Multilingual Investigations and the FCPA

Although it’s been around for nearly 40 years, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is still a source of confusion and trouble for corporate, multilingual investigations. Is your company up to speed on anti-bribery regulations?

By Guest Blogger: United Language Group

Legal Translation’s 3 Cs: Cost, Confidentiality and Change

Learn how a strong Language Service Provider can help you tackle the three Cs of a multilingual legal investigation: Cost, confidentiality and change.

By Guest Blogger: United Language Group

InfoTrack provide a tech platform for intelligent global searches making the hard to find easy!

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InfoTrack use simple, smart technology to evolve processes and provide superior technology services for information procurement – challenging your current way of working. We understand the information you require must be reliable and quickly accessible, so when delivering information from around the world, we only use trusted sources to give you access to the most up-to-date information, enabling efficiency in situations where time pressure is a factor.

A Simple, Smart Platform:

When you select InfoTrack as your partner, you’ll be utilizing smart technology that accesses live, global repositories. Our single platform gives you access to all your search requirements without the need to log in to multiple websites. All results are returned in easy to read formats making everything simpler for you.
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Powerful Global Search Services:

Whether you are looking for USA company reports or information regarding international individuals and companies, we offer comprehensive packages, simple reports and extracts that adhere to your needs. Our alliance of offices around the world provide direct links into all the key data sources, agents and registries and the information we source is only from trusted partners. We like to call it KYCIT.


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By Guest Blogger: InfoTrack

3 Ways LSPs Prepare Your Company for Legal Investigations

Language Service Providers (LSPs) can help prepare companies for legal investigations by leveraging technology, localizing internal documents and acting as a strong consultant throughout the process. 

By Guest Blogger: United Language Group

[Deep Dive] Translating Global Internal Investigations, Ethics and Compliance Materials

Foriegn language investigations can be complex, but leveraging technology and a strong Language Service Provider (LSP) can streamline the process. 

By Guest Blogger: United Language Group