Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SurePayroll - comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

Easy Online Payroll for Small Businesses. As the online alternative to ADP® and Paychex®, SurePayroll is dedicated to providing a simple, convenient and accurate online payroll service at a price small business owners can afford.

Binding Systems of America - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

At BSA, we dedicate ourselves to helping companies across the country build better presentations with the highest quality document presentation products. Our fine line of binding systems, custom covers and document packaging products will help your presentations and documents stand out from the pack.

BSA stocks and services Wire Systems, Plastic Coil Systems, Comb Systems, Thermal Tape Systems and Perfect Bound Thermal Systems. Call BSA and get the highest quality binding products at a price that meets every budget!

8 x 8 Inc. - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

At 8x8, we're focused on delivering business communications solutions that are outrageously affordable, amazingly easy to use, and incredibly advanced. From VoIP phone service to managed hosting to web conferencing to unified communications, our innovative solutions just work better.

PrimePay - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

Since 1986, PrimePay has been servicing the payroll industry with a strong commitment to client service. Our service model leverages a personalized approach where a single payroll specialist is assigned to specific client accounts. In addition to knowing the details of payroll processing and tax filing, our specialists truly get to know their clients' businesses as well as their changing payroll requirements over time. In a highly competitive industry, our dedicated client service model has been our key success factor.

PrimePay is a nationally recognized company with more than 30 offices located across the United States. Payroll processing and tax handling are currently performed in localized Operations Centers, servicing thousands of businesses and generating millions of payroll checks each year. Our systems and technologies enable us to handle payroll and related business services in all 50 States.

CompuPay - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

One Payroll at a Time. That is how CompuPay payroll service is changing the payroll industry. Our personalized client service and commitment to excellence make us more than just another payroll company. We know that the most important payroll in the world is yours - and we treat it that way. Whether you use fax, phone-in, payroll software or online payroll, we invite you to come experience the difference CompuPay makes every day by "Being the Best! One Payroll at a Time."

Paramount Software features Crest Payroll - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

Paramount Software Solutions, Inc. offers comprehensive, user-friendly and cost-effective business applications that address common challenges most companies face. Committed to innovation and excellence, our experts use their broad functional and technical expertise to design solutions to address such challenges.

Our domain-led and IPR-driven solutions provide clients with transformational value. At the same time our pay-as-you-use models are seen an ideal alternative for clients with tighter technology budgets that precludes up-front hardware and software investments.

Paramount Software Solutions is committed to delivering software that meets the highest quality standards.

Drake Software - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

Drake software provides the accounting channel with tax Software, practice management, conversions, client write-up and business development.

TaxWorks - a division of RedGear Technologies - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

TaxWorks: Professional Tax Preparation Software – The high performance features say you can't afford it. The price says you can.

After 35 years in the tax software business, TaxWorks sets the standard for professional tax preparation software by offering all of the features you've come to expect in a premium tax program without the high price. Additionally, we take pride in providing first-class support to all of our clients regardless of the size of your business.

Fortress data management - comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

Fortress Data Management offers a full line of paper and electronic data solutions designed to provide a bridge from the paper to the electronic environment. These services include Scan on Demand, Data Backup Solutions, and Disaster Recovery Planning.

nQative - Accounting in High Definition - Comments from the show floor at the 2010 Midwest Accounting and Finance Showcase

"Activity" is accounting and payroll software; a new software product with a modern object oriented architecture. The name “Activity” is derived from the fact that the active nature of the database allows any changes to be instantaneously viewable to all users without having to do a screen refresh.

"Activity" is a framework that allows you to view your accounting in High Definition. Like HD TV – you see all the details to give your data a level of clarity unlike anything you have ever experienced in accounting and payroll software. By not hiding data behind codes and multiple layers of detail screens, your users have the tools to exponentially increase their productivity, saving you money and time.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick notes from ILTA educational session on Day 2!

A good session at ILTA on Day 2 of tracks & sessions featured panelists Beth Chiaiese & Jodi Malek, both from Foley & Lardner LLP, titled The Changing Regulatory Landscape and Its Effect on Law Firms. While lawyers have historically been self-regulated in the U.S., the current economic climate is allowing their clients to demand more/better from their outside counsel and the gov’t continues its effort to step-up regulation of them. Because the attorney/client privilege requires their duty of confidentiality trumps all else, some argue regulations related to security or privacy enforced by the government should not apply to them.

Beth & Jodi shared some great examples of why this issue is so critical – from open-architecture and million-dollar KM systems that leave firms open to privacy breaches to client-driven issues including RFP responses loaded with commitments and ethical obligations that require consideration. Their chat about social networking was a bit amusing...some lawyers apparently forget that they are lawyers 24/7 and need to use a bit of common sense before posting on Twitter & Facebook!
ILTA Vendor Business Meeting & breakout programs on Monday, Aug. 22nd

ILTA’s annual vendor business meeting & breakout program was filled with great info and useful insight as usual! Congrats to ILTA on the recent award won for their Peer to Peer magazine. And thanks to Peggy for the reminders of all the great sponsorship/advertising opportunities available all year to reach ILTA members.

Joy Heath Rush and Scott Christensen, past & current ILTA presidents, respectively, shared some great tips about working with and marketing to ILTA members. A good reminder for vendors: take the time to know your clients. Ask how they want to be communicated with and follow through appropriately, because people prefer different channels – some like e-mail, others don’t; likewise for voice mails, etc. And demonstrate your thought leadership by providing education-oriented value to your clients and prospects. Panels on thought leadership and public relations offered great discussions about better positioning your company by demonstrating expertise and credibility. And the social media panel also did a nice job offering tips to companies interested in getting started with that medium. Become part of the dialogue!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Showgirls @ ILTA10

ILTA 2010 "Strategic Unity" Conference was at ARIA Resort in Las Vegas the week of August 22nd. Approximately 1100 ILTA members and 1100 vendors/consultants gathered for a week of education, "Peer to Peer" networking an a lot of fun! Every year ILTA hosts a grand opening of its exhibit hall where drinks are flowing, conversation is happening and of course, this year, even ELVIS was in the building.