Monday, December 22, 2014

Corel WordPerfect Office X7

WordPerfect Office X7 is an all-in-one office suite for home and business users. The suite offers time-saving enhancements through new features like PDF Forms, Macro Manager, Mail Merge Expert, the WordPerfect iPad app and enhanced eBook publishing. With its legendary formatting control, trusted file compatibility and competitive price, the suite encompasses a familiar set of powerful tools that help WordPerfect users stay as productive as possible, wherever their office may be.

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All your dictations always where you are

All your dictations always where you are

SpeechLive takes the dictation workflow to the cloud – with all its great benefits.

With SpeechLive dictations can be safely accessed from anywhere in the world. It is easy and convenient to set-up and can be completely configured just using a web browser.

SpeechLive also connects every user with SpeechScribe, a Philips certified transcription service that transfers your dictations into final documents in no time.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We spoke with Randy Blackburn, Executive Vice President of Pan American Bank about OnBoard

Pan American Bank, from Melrose, Illinois, was seeking an easy to use and intuitive replacement for paper bound board books. After discovering Passageways, they elected to adopt OnBoard in May, 2014. Their experience is one of our favorite examples of how OnBoard can transform your boardroom. We spoke with Randy Blackburn, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, about Pan American Bank’s experience. What follows is a transcript of our conversation, lightly edited for clarity and length.

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How can OnBoard Change Your Boardroom?

Interra Credit Union, a full service $691 million financial institution with over 50,000 members, has served its community of Goshen, Indiana since 1932. Interra Credit Union began searching for a board management solution, one that would demonstrate gains in efficiencies all while saving money in the process. Teaming with Passageways, a provider of portal solutions for credit unions and financial institutions, they implemented OnBoard, a progressive and powerful solution for managing meetings.

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Beacon Credit Union turned to Passageways, a provider of employee intranets, to develop a solution

Beacon Credit Union stands as a pillar of their community, a respected $1 billion financial institution with over 45,000 members. Yet, like so many other companies, it needs to evolve to improve its operational efficiency. Its internal systems were hazardously slow, delaying permissions, piling on paperwork that always seemed to be pushed off to other departments, while frustrating its employees. Beacon Credit Union turned to Passageways, a provider of employee intranets, to develop a solution that would streamline their workflow process and employee

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The success of the merger demanded a centralized intranet system, find out more:

The merger of two credit unions to join together in Southfield, Michigan, resulted in the creation of Alliance Catholic Credit Union, a $400 million institution, serving over 40,000 members. The success of the merger demanded a centralized intranet system, a seamless solution that would allow Alliance Catholic Credit Union to focus on integrating the branding, culture, and ethos of the merging companies.

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In the Cybersecurity Hot Seat: How Law Firms are Optimizing Security While Reducing Cost and Risk

There is a perfect storm brewing: the volume, variety and severity of cyber threats, combined with rapidly evolving technology, an ever-increasing data footprint and costs to secure data are increasingly leading law firms to evaluate which businesses beyond practicing law they want to be in—and at what cost and risk to both the firm and their clients.

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Why Too Many Features Ruin Your Favorite Software

In a recent interview, former Indiana Governor and Purdue President Mitch Daniels laid out his thinking as the University begins to chart a new strategic plan. Daniels presents a vision resistant to complacency, stressing the importance of choices, “a real strategy is defined by what it leaves out,” he said. “If you can’t name some important choices that were not included, it’s probably not a very good guide because you can’t try to do everything.”

Don’t do everything. Invest in what you do well. This isn’t novel wisdom, but its advice that rarely seems to stick. Overextending resources is a failure of vision, a vain attempt to examine the landscape, see everything, learn nothing, and imitate without nuance. This is a cross industry pitfall. There’s simply too many ideas, practices, and products for one person or organization to do many well. Jack of all trades is a master of none.

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