Thursday, February 24, 2011

DocSolid and the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) Team Up to Combat Scanarchy

PHOENIX – February 24, 2011 – Each day, law firms face a creeping menace that kills efficiency, security and morale – Scanarchy. Known as the unmanaged scanning of paper documents across the organization, Scanarchy is a scanning free-for-all that thrives in the absence of best practices.


DocSolid, together with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), announced a nationwide educational roadshow focused on identifying and defeating Scanarchy. The roadshow began on Feb. 23 in Phoenix and includes stops in Boston (March 1) and Washington D.C. (March 2.) Subsequent events are coming to Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego and New York City. All legal IT professionals are invited to attend and there is no charge for registration.


“Law firms have a heavy burden managing paper documents,” said DocSolid President Steve Irons. “Increasingly law firms scan to manage their paper digitally, but Scanarchy sets in when the staff adopts different procedures and different scanning devices without a common set of standards for security, productivity and process integrity. With these roadshows, we are introducing practical approaches and technologies to create an enterprise scanning best practice.”


A best practice implementation to capture paper into a law firm’s digital information platform provides work efficiencies, process improvement and reductions in cost. To optimize existing paper capture benefits and minimize associated risk, a law firm must standardize on best practice methods for managing, profiling and scanning paper.


Irons, founder of three successful paper capture providers, will discuss the current state of scanning in most law firms, best practices, and how to turn Scanarchy into successful enterprise capture with a quantifiable return on investment.


Register for the seminars:


Washington D.C.


About Steve Irons

Steve Irons is the president of DocSolid and an entrepreneur, innovator and fascinated student of the intersection of paper and people. His 24 years of experience in solving paper management problems date back to the days of microfilm, then advance through the early document scanning systems to today's most advanced integrated internet capture. Previously, Steve started and ran Image Choice (now enChoice), an IBM-Filenet systems integrator. He then founded and served as CEO at ImageTag, Inc. At ImageTag, Steve created the unique KwikTag software platform from an idea that integrated document imaging can be universal. KwikTag software is now in use at hundreds of large companies. A holder of six US patents, Steve's energy has generated large VAR channels, and corporate ventures with HP, 3M and Iron Mountain. At DocSolid, Steve continues to innovate with new solutions and business models to bring paper into the electronic business process.


About DocSolid

DocSolid creates, sells and supports scanning and document imaging solutions for law firms and the corporate enterprise. These patented and patent-pending solutions are enterprise-level implementations that streamline paper-burdened business activities. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts, and serves thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to do more with less paper™, DocSolid connects people, process and documents. More information about DocSolid, including solution demos, is available at



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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Legal Service Providers Association Announces its Charter Membership Program

Charter Membership Affords Additional Benefits and Exposure for First 100 Companies that Join


DENVER – February 10, 2011 – The Legal Service Providers Association, the only organization dedicated to the growth and promotion of service providers in the legal industry, today announced its exclusive charter membership program. The program recognizes the first 100 member companies of the organization and offers benefits accessible only to those members.


All members of the LSPA enjoy benefits such as training credits and discounts, supplier discounts and human resources, marketing, sales and technical support. Charter member companies will receive additional exposure and branding opportunities through premium placements on and in emails, press releases and newsletters.


Companies can apply for charter membership here.


“The charter membership program is our way of welcoming and rewarding the companies that are leading the charge in joining the organization and supporting the ongoing evolution and growth of our industry,” said Jerry Correia, a founding director of LSPA.


“Our charter membership status with the LSPA reinforces our commitment to being a leader within our industry and actively contributing to its growth and promotion,” said Brad Jenkins, President and CEO of Trial Solutions, a charter member company. “With the resources and vision of the LSPA, we are gaining multiple business, training and purchasing advantages that will help fuel our growth.”


The LSPA charter membership status is limited to the first 100 companies to join the LSPA. Membership dues are $125 per month for one location. Additional company locations can be added for $95 per month per location.


About The Legal Service Providers Association (LSPA) The Legal Service Providers Association is dedicated to the growth and promotion of the service providers within the legal industry. The LSPA’s mission is to use our combined purchasing power and knowledge to provide legal service companies of all sizes access to training, educational programs and forums, supplier discounts, technical and human resources support they could not develop on their own. For more information on LSPA, visit, call (720) 545-9200 or email Join the LSPA community on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wave Software Moves Corporate Headquarters to Downtown Orlando

Company invests in technology, expands operations and adds staff to support industry-leading e-discovery software


ORLANDO, FL (February 9, 2011) - Orlando-based Wave Software, a leading provider of early case assessment, legal hold and electronic data discovery technology for global corporations, today announced it has moved its corporate headquarters in Orlando, FL. The new location, just miles from their previous location, also serves as the company’s primary sales office, operations office and electronic data discovery software development center. The new corporate headquarters is located in downtown Orlando at 300 South Orange Ave., Suite 900. All other corporate contact information will remain the same.


Wave Software moved to downtown Orlando because of its diverse and growing economy and easy access to law firm and corporate clients. The company intends to take advantage of finance, professional services, the large labor force, and proximity to government entities.


“We have continued to experience month-to-month increases in revenue as more legal and IT professionals discover the speed and practicality of Trident Pro software,” stated Wave Software co-founder and President, Robert Childress. “We have recently introduced several new and exciting features to Trident Pro and we are on the brink of another monumental announcement which we know our users will embrace. We believe technical innovation coupled with expert technicians and customer support will continue to be our key drivers of revenue growth. Wave Software has outpaced most companies in this industry in innovation, experience and stability. Moving our corporate headquarters to downtown Orlando is an unparalleled strategic opportunity for the company to have flexibility and the space to continue to grow exponentially.”


Since its inception in 2006, Wave Software has experienced a minimum average of 50 percent annual increases in revenue. Trident Pro has won the Socha-Gelbmann Top Provider award and an ITFlorida Award for Excellence in IT Leadership in the Central Florida division. In 2010, Childress accepted two bronze Law Technology News Awards on behalf of the company.


More information on Wave Software can be found at Follow Wave Software on Twitter and Facebook.


About Wave Software

Wave Software, based in Orlando, Florida, is a leading provider of early case assessment, legal hold, litigation support and electronic data discovery technology for global corporations. Wave’s flagship product, Trident Pro, provides the fastest, most accurate de-duplication, near-duplicate detection, regeneration and export of native and foreign language electronic files. Trident Pro software provides litigators in-house capability to cut down data sets to manageable amounts and then upload onto repositories for review and production. The company also offers Trident Lite and Trident Preview software. Wave Software won the 2008 Socha-Gelbmann Top Provider award, 2009 ITFlorida award and two LTN Awards in 2009. For more information, visit

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Richard Susskind Named Independent Chairman of Integreon’s Client Advisory Board

Renowned Legal and Professional Services Advisor Brings 30 Years of Legal Experience to Leading Business Solutions Company

LOS ANGELES – February 3, 2011 – Integreon, the largest global provider of integrated research, legal and business solutions to professionals, today announced that it has appointed Professor Richard Susskind as an independent chairman of its Client Advisory Board. Susskind, who has been honoured with an OBE, is a visionary in legal practice and technology and is a renowned independent advisor to major professional firms and national governments. He brings more than 30 years of experience in legal technology and professional services to Integreon’s advisory board.

Integreon’s Client Advisory Board will be composed of managing partners at law firms and general counsel at organizations that Integreon serves. The board will provide Integreon’s clients with an opportunity to share ideas about legal service trends, specify future requirements for Integreon’s services, and identify opportunities for collaboration.

“Richard is widely regarded as the preeminent, independent commentator on the future of legal services,” said Liam Brown, CEO at Integreon. “As the chairman of our Client Advisory Board, his insights will prove invaluable as we work collaboratively with our clients to shape the future direction of our businesses.”

Susskind has a first class honours degree in law from the University of Glasgow and a doctorate in law and computers from Balliol College, Oxford. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and of the British Computer Society. Additionally, Susskind lectures internationally and has spoken in more than 40 countries. He has authored numerous books, including The Future of Law: Facing the Challenges of Information Technology and the End of Lawyers?: Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services.

“For several years, I have been studying the development of legal process outsourcing and have maintained that it will play a central role in tomorrow’s legal world,” says Susskind. “Integreon has consistently struck me as the one of the most creative and professional providers in the field. I am, therefore, very much looking forward to chairing their Client Advisory Board.”

About Integreon
Integreon is the largest and highest-impact provider of integrated research, legal and business solutions to professionals. It is a trusted partner to 32 of the top 50 Am Law firms, 9 of the top 10 investment banks, and 11 of the top 50 global brands, enabling these firms to improve profitability and freeing leaders to focus on the growth of their business. Its nearly 2,000 associates operating in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa work collaboratively with clients to address their specific support needs in areas such as market and competitive intelligence, discovery (disclosure), legal process outsourcing and other business services. For more information about Integreon’s full range of solutions, please visit

By Guest Blogger: Integreon

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson LLP secures its business email operations with Mimecast. #LTNY #LegalIT

Mimecast®, a leading supplier of cloud-based email security, continuity, policy control and archiving, announced that it partnered with Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson LLP’s (BSW), a prominent corporate defense law firm, to secure its business email operations and safeguard against downtime. With three offices located deep within a hurricane zone, Baton Rouge, Covington and New Orleans, the law firm needed to ensure it could provide services to its clients at all times – even in the event of a major storm.

“The fact of the matter is if your company’s communications infrastructure is down and you can’t communicate with your clients for 48 hours or longer, there is a good chance you will not come back online ever again,” said BSW IT Manager Luke Corley. “Compound the dangers of major hurricanes through the Gulf Coast with the fast-paced nature of a law firm, and it is fair to say that downtime of any sort simply is not an option for us.”

Hurricanes are a reality and a way of life in Louisiana. Hurricane Gustav most recently ripped through the area and inflicted millions of dollars worth of damage. BSW experienced the damaging effects of a major storm when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. The New Orleans office sustained heavy damage and the IT team had to remove the on-premise email solutions to ensure the law firm’s 160 users were able to get back up and running again. This event was a wake-up call to BSW and served as a motivating factor for the firm’s inquiry into cloud computing solutions.

“Advances in cloud computing have made on-premise appliances a thing of the past,” said Corley. “If a hurricane strikes, BSW operations will remain unaltered because they are not tied to on-premise applications. Clients can reach us and employees can log onto Web portals to send email and uphold our high level of client service. Mimecast had everything we needed to keep our corporate email up and running and even provided us with additional functionality we did not have such as enhanced eDiscovery, archiving, anti-spam, anti-virus, litigation hold and message retention.”

Before signing with Mimecast, BSW leveraged a host of on-premise solutions that were expensive to maintain and involved time-consuming administrative tasks. After an appliance failure, the law firm sought out Mimecast’s cost-effective and easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service solution because it guaranteed continuous uptime and housed the functionality needed to enhance user productivity while meeting legislative and regulatory compliance. Mimecast integrates seamlessly with the organization’s existing Microsoft Exchange systems, is highly scalable and enables quick search and retrieval of information – a major benefit in the extensively data-driven field of corporate defense.

“Lost in the hype of cost-cutting is the cloud’s innate ability to act as a business continuity solution,” said Mary Kay Roberto, Mimecast’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “Email downtime of any duration can trigger ill effects in today’s business world. Companies located in regions that experience extreme weather can benefit from not having to rely on on-premise solutions that are susceptible to conditions that put data out of the reach of employees.”

By Guest Blogger: Mimecast

Mimecast launched Mimecast Continuity Services for the BlackBerry Wireless Solution #LTNY #LegalIT

Mimecast®, a unified email management company offering SaaS-based email security, continuity, policy control and archiving, has today announced the launch of Mimecast Continuity ServicesTM for the BlackBerry® Wireless Solution. The new service is the first to enable enterprise IT managers to provide uninterrupted email access to BlackBerry smartphone users in the event of a Microsoft Exchange outage, a BlackBerry Enterprise Server failure and Research in Motion infrastructure downtime.  Until now, businesses have been limited in their range of continuity choices for the BlackBerry solution, relying on SaaS services that require the availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server or server replication solutions.


By bypassing the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and communicating directly with the handset from the cloud, Mimecast’s Continuity Service ensures that critical mobile workers can remain connected; sending, receiving and deleting mail as normal, during server downtime. Whether operating in standard or continuity mode, complete integration between Mimecast’s security, continuity and archiving service elements ensures continuous and consistent enforcement of email security, data loss prevention and archiving policies at all times, supporting businesses’ compliance and security needs.

By Guest Blogger: Mimecast

Mimecast joined the BlackBerry® Alliance Program as a BlackBerry® Alliance Select Member #LTNY #LegalIT

Mimecast®, a leading supplier of cloud-based email security, continuity and archiving, today announced that it has joined the BlackBerry® Alliance Program as a BlackBerry® Alliance Select Member.  Mimecast joins a select group of technology and brand leaders, recognized for promoting the highest level of innovation and contributing to the strength of the market.


The announcement follows the recent launch of Mimecast Services for BlackBerry® smartphones.  The new service is the first to enable enterprise IT managers to provide uninterrupted email access to BlackBerry smartphone users in the event of a Microsoft Exchange outage or BlackBerry® Enterprise Server failure.  Until now, businesses have been limited in their range of continuity choices for the BlackBerry® solution, relying on SaaS services that require the availability of BlackBerry Enterprise Server or server replication solutions.
By Guest Blogger: Mimecast

LegalTech NY panel weighs in on the myths associated with bringing electronic discovery in-house

In this afternoon’s session, “Round the Table with Women in E-discovery: Myth Busters”, the panel explored three myths associated with bringing electronic discovery in-house.


Babs Deacon, Cynthia Bateman, Joanne Lane, Ellen Kuplic, Emily Cobb and Alison Grounds share their insight and opinions about three “myths”:


  • Myth #1: The only way to conduct e-discovery successfully is to let your outside counsel handle the entire process. 
  • Myth #2: (a) Full forensic collection of drives should always be done and (b) clients/custodian self-collection is always bad. 
  • Myth #3: An organization without a high litigation profile doesn’t need to implement a litigation readiness program or have preferred discovery support vendor relationships in place. 


As expected, the conclusion is that there are rarely black & white answers to any of these. But the discussion and debate shared over each topic provided good arguments on both sides of the issues, at least helping to uncover factors that should be considered when making these decisions.

The big winter storm has had at least some effect on LegalTech NY

Some folks heading home early, others not making it to NY at all!


This was the case for two panelists who weren’t able to make it in for this morning’s session titled “Leveraging Technology to Achieve Quality and Competitive Excellence”. Moderator Brad Blickstein, of the Blickstein Group, and panelist Kim Townsan of United Technologies Corp. were able to engage in a good discussion centered on delivering value – whether in-house delivering to key stakeholders or outside counsel delivering value to their clients – by effectively using technology. 

Highlights from this session included: 


  • A big piece of delivering value centers around alternative pricing models – pricing based on achieving results as opposed to billable hours – because, as Ms. Townsan pointed out, ‘hours’ are not valuable to clients; results are.


  • Leverage in-house IT resources to effectively use your data for process mapping, identifying trends and actual cost drivers to determine where fixed costs might exist. Implement technology that will truly make work process more efficient. 

  • Employ a good matter management system for all outside counsel to keep information consolidated.

TechLaw Solutions Signs Agreement to Offer Method Legal Hold Application by kCura #LTNY #LegalIT

TechLaw Solutions Signs Agreement to Offer Method Legal Hold Application by kCura

Washington DC, and Chicago, IL – February 1, 2011TechLaw Solutions, Inc., a leading electronic discovery consulting and services provider, is extending its service offering by incorporating legal hold management software to address another critical component of the discovery process. kCura’s Method, built on Relativity, is the tool that has been selected.

“After a careful evaluation of the current tools available, we have determined that Method is very well suited to address the needs we hear being expressed to manage legal hold processes,” said Mel Goldenberg, President of TechLaw Solutions, Inc. “Centralizing the legal hold process with an efficient, web-based application will help our clients effectively address potential business risk in their litigation preparedness efforts.”

TechLaw Solutions will maintain Method along with Relativity at its primary Tier 3 Data Hosting Center. Providing SaaS model access to clients for legal hold management enables more rapid deployment and reduced cost by eliminating the need for costly hardware acquisition.

“TechLaw Solutions continues to be an extremely strong representative of our solutions,” said Andrew Sieja, President and CEO of kCura Corporation.  “With increasing attention being paid to legal hold, TechLaw Solutions’ clients will benefit greatly from this new service.”

Using Relativity, TechLaw Solutions provides image and native file review, concept search and clustering, visual data analysis, customized coding options, and flexible workflow capabilities, all delivered in a highly scalable, enterprise-grade solution.   

# # #

About TechLaw Solutions

TechLaw Solutions helps corporations and law firms develop and implement strategies to effectively address litigation preparedness, manage costs, mitigate client risk and provide a competitive advantage in the e-Discovery process. TechLaw Solutions has one of the longest track records in litigation support, working on complex and critical matters since 1983. Service offerings include litigation hold, forensic data collection, advanced electronic document processing, early case assessment, online hosting including foreign language and native file review, as well as hard-copy information management. Using proprietary tools and techniques together with innovative strategic alliance partners, TechLaw Solutions is uniquely positioned to ensure its customers the best value and most favorable results. For more information, call Jay Stromberg at 800-TECHLAW (832.4529), or visit

About kCura

kCura are the developers of the e-discovery software Relativity. Relativity is a web-based platform servicing the analysis, review, and production stages of the EDRM. In addition to document review, Relativity powers kCura’s legal hold management solution, Method, which is a workflow and notification system designed to manage legal hold and risk assessment processes. kCura helps corporations, law firms, and government agencies with e-discovery challenges by installing Relativity and Method on-premises, as well as providing hosted, on-demand solutions through a global network of partners in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. For more information about Relativity and Method, contact kCura at or visit


Media Contacts

Jay Stromberg                                                             

TechLaw Solutions                                                     

(303) 993-4183                                                  


Adi Elliott

kCura Corporation

(312) 676-5075

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EDiscovery 2020: The Next Generation of Innovation

Don't miss this session!

When: Tuesday, Feb 1 @4pm
Where: Sutton Center Ballroom

Session highlights: With ten years of ediscovery behind us, its time to focus on the decade to come. Join this session and explore how attorneys can prepare for the proliferation of new data sources, technology, and review techniques that will be at the forefront of ediscovery in the future.

Who: Judge Michael Baylson (Eastern District PA) Ian Hochman - Willkie Farr Andrew Horne - Kirkland Ellis John O'Tuel - GlaxoSmithKline Mark Yacano - Hudson Legal Howard Reissner - Planet Data