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Data Analytics: Exploring solutions to Management of Unstructured Data

Data Analytics: Exploring Solutions to Management of Unstructured Data

Leveraging information for business benefits is a long standing practice; however, the digital revolution forever altered the landscape under which such analysis was previously performed. Information formerly tracked by the number of files and boxes is now captured in gigabytes, terabytes and petabytes. This is not a mere change in vernacular to recognize digital content, but, from a broader perspective, represents a growth of information once unimaginable in a brick and mortar setting.

Due to the sheer volume of data generated, there is no means by which individuals can analyze all that information without some sort of technological assistance. Yet, technology to date is better suited for generating data, than analyzing it. This is the problem of “big data.”

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Monday, June 22, 2015

DTI Expands Partnership with Ipro

Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in the design of eDiscovery workflow software, today announced that DTI, a global legal process outsourcing (LPO) company providing eDiscovery, managed services, and litigation support, has expanded its use of Ipro products to include Ipro Eclipse. DTI will now offer the online review application with integrated and advanced Technology Assisted Review (TAR) in a hosted environment to its clients worldwide.

Eclipse is part of Ipro’s Automated Digital Discovery (ADD®) workflow platform, which also includes Allegro for early case assessment and eCapture, the processing powerhouse of choice.  Eclipse is a web-based review application intended for enterprise-wide deployment with built-in analytics. It offers an easy-to-use interface with robust production capabilities.

“Our primary goal is to find suitable solutions for our client’s litigation needs. We’ve worked with Ipro for several years and are impressed by Ipro’s service, support, and pricing structure,” said Kevin Jacobs, Vice President Service Strategy, DTI. “By utilizing Ipro’s suite of products, we can offer clients more diverse solutions and add more capacity, speed, and efficiency to our current workflows.”  

“DTI is among the very best of service providers in our industry and we are honored to have our applications be a part of the long-term growth strategy at DTI,” said Kim Taylor, Ipro’s President and COO. “By leveraging Ipro’s fully integrated platform, DTI will be able to further streamline their eDiscovery processes while giving their customers more choices for review.”  

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BillQuick Legal PR

BQE Software, Inc., a world leader in time billing, project management and accounting software with more than 325,000 users worldwide, announced today the immediate availability of BQE BillQuick Legal 2015.

By Guest Blogger: BQE Software

Former Timeslips User Case Study

Since implementing BillQuick, Haukaas Fish has saved dozens of man hours creating invoices and billing clients.

By Guest Blogger: BQE Software

BillQuick Legal Brochure

With over 325,000 users worldwide, BillQuick is the trusted time tracking and billing solution for professional services firms. Many attorneys and other legal professionals choose BillQuick Legal to streamline their most common time and billing tasks to ensure that no billable time slips through the cracks.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Epiq Systems to Accelerate Growth of EMS Offering with Acquisition of Iris Data Services

Kansas City, KS (April 8, 2015) – Epiq Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: EPIQ), a leading global provider of integrated technology solutions for the legal profession, announced today that the company has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held, Kansas City-based Iris Data Services, the market leading provider of managed services for electronic discovery (eDiscovery). The total consideration for the acquisition is $134 million, subject to certain post-closing adjustments, which would be funded with existing cash and borrowings from the Company’s credit facility. The acquisition is expected to close on or about April 30, 2015, subject to the satisfaction of closing conditions, be modestly accretive to Epiq’s 2015 results and provide a post-closing tax benefit to Epiq of approximately $23 million. Epiq will host a conference call to review the transaction today at 11:00 a.m. ET, the details of which are below.

The Iris acquisition significantly accelerates Epiq’s strategic plan to offer managed services solutions to its existing global client base, while bringing Epiq’s expansive eDiscovery and document review resources to a new client base. Iris President and co-founder Major Baisden will join Epiq as managing director and will continue leading Iris’s operations.

Managed services is an outsourced eDiscovery solution for an entire organization, rather than for a single project. Responding to a growing market need for price certainty and self-service, Iris created an innovative eDiscovery managed services offering. Iris’s platform, one of the first of its kind, delivers best of breed third-party technology integrated with its proprietary workflow, storage, security and evidence management software.

Managed services engagements typically involve multi-year contracts and recurring revenue streams. With over 22 multi-year deals signed in the last 12 months alone, Iris has established itself as the leader in eDiscovery managed services. The swift rise in Iris’s operating revenue and adjusted EBITDA is evidence the legal industry is embracing the managed services model. Iris’s operating revenue grew 52% to $38 million in 2014 from $25 million in 2013, while 2014 adjusted EBITDA grew 42% to $8.2 million compared to $5.8 million in 2013.

“The acquisition of Iris is a significant milestone in our growth strategy. Iris complements our core transactional eDiscovery business and supplements it with an impressive team and a range of new capabilities. We expect this transaction to yield numerous cross-selling opportunities between Epiq’s clients and the substantial base of new clients that we expect will augment our long-term growth,” said Tom W. Olofson, chairman and CEO of Epiq Systems. “Increasingly, our clients want solutions to help them better manage eDiscovery costs and improve their operational effectiveness. Iris’s compelling offering accelerates our ability to address this client need in managed services, an area we had previously targeted as an important growth opportunity. Equally important, the acquisition is a big win for our shareholders as it provides additional long-term growth potential along with a near term bottom-line contribution.”

“Iris and Epiq share entrepreneurial cultures and a commitment to delivering the highest level of client service. This is a great opportunity for Iris to expand its potential by joining the preeminent global eDiscovery leader and a like-minded organization,” Mr. Baisden said. “Our combined client base will reap the full benefits of a robust eDiscovery platform combined with a pioneering managed services offering, as well as access to Epiq’s industry leading capabilities in bankruptcy and class action and mass tort settlement administration.”

The proposed acquisition is subject to customary closing conditions. Epiq was advised in this transaction by KeyBanc Capital Markets and Sidley Austin LLP.

Epiq and its Board of Directors remain committed to conducting a separate process to explore a full range of strategic and financial alternatives with Credit Suisse Securities as financial advisor and Kirkland & Ellis LLP as legal advisor.


By Guest Blogger: Iris Data Services, LLC

eDiscovery Managed Services - Year 3: Would You Do It Again?

By R.P. Smith posted Mon, Mar 30, 2015 05:04 PM

Jones Walker officially began a Managed Services partnership with Iris Data Services in January of 2013.  Since that time we have experienced great success with the partnership and have freely shared our story with fellow ILTA members. Now in the 3rd year of our contract, I offer the following points in response to the several questions I have been asked by fellow ILTA members. 

1. Will you have a dedicated team supporting you?

Whether it is a dedicated team or a support pool, make sure you understand the level of support that will be provided as part of the managed services partnership.  Ask for an organizational chart for your support team so you know the players, their roles in supporting you, and where the escalation points are in the event that you need to escalate an issue up the chain.

2. Does your Service Level Agreement ("SLA") address response time as well as follow-up from the initial response?

A standard SLA will address the initial response time (e.g. "We have received your email/request….").  But you will want to request that it also addresses the timeframe for any subsequent updates (e.g. "We are still working on your request and will report back in 1 hour.").  This will likely take some negotiations so that the service provider can ensure that the requested follow-up does not interfere with their internal workflow and support efforts.  Requesting this additional communication provides you with the necessary information to proactively update your internal project teams.

3. Do you receive an allotment of project management hours as part of your managed services partnership? 

If you are allotted PM hours, follow this simple step….USE THEM!!!!  If you do not use PM hours offered as part of your partnership, you are throwing money out of the window each and every month.  These hours can be used for archiving data, creating custom database scripts, etc. 

 4. Will you be processing all data in-house, will the manages services partner process all of your data, or will you have a hybrid approach?

This should be addressed when determining your business needs.  There are so many variables that go into choosing a processing workflow and these can dovetail with your managed services partnership.  Options include processing behind your firewall using your own third-party software (LAW, Nuix, etc.) and transferring only the data that is to be loaded to the service provider, processing within the managed services environment using the features of your review software (if available), or having your managed services partner process using their enterprise level processing tools. Map your workflow and discuss the details with potential managed services partners so you ensure that your workflow is as efficient and economically sound as possible.

5. What level of involvement will you and your team have in the administration of the review platform?

Will you manage each workspace (loading, exporting, producing, troubleshooting) or will the managed services partner handle this for you similar to a standard per-project engagement?  Will you have rights to create/manage user accounts across your platform or will you need to request these services from the provider to the detriment of your monthly PM hours?  Some managed services partners allow you to fully manage your review platform, while some limit the administrative functions you can perform.  Again, this goes back to addressing your business needs.

6. What level of access will you have across the infrastructure of your managed services environment?

Will you have full administrative rights to all the servers in your environment?  If deploying a review platform with a SQL backend, will you be able to log into the SQL server and run queries?  The level of rights granted will depend on the managed services partner, but there are very few who currently allow this level of access.  We chose to have full access for complete transparency.  However, we share this access with Iris Data Services so they are able to keep the servers patched and updated for operations, security, and usability reasons.

7. Which tools/services are available through your partnership? 

Again, this directly correlates to the tasks you will handle internally vs. the tasks you will expect your managed services partner to handle for you (addressed at the onset when determining your business needs).  For instance, if you do not provide collection services in-house, does your managed services partner provide this service?  What if you receive MAC files, Lotus Notes NSF files, etc. -- do you have the necessary tools in-house to process these files?  If you cannot process these in-house, it would be helpful to review historical data and metrics to determine how often you have received these types of files in the past.  Does it make sense to procure the software or would it make more sense to have your managed services partner process these types of files for you?  Although we typically receive NSF files for multiple cases each year, we know that there are nuances with NSF files that are specific to the setup of each client and Domino server. For this reason, we have decided to leave this type of processing to the experts, so Iris processes these for us. 

8. Will you bill hosting costs to the client?

There is no easy answer to this question.  Advice, feedback and buy-in will be required from the head of your litigation department, CFO/COO, CIO, and other senior management in order to determine if a fee structure will work for your firm. 

As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider.  The most important part of the entire process is having a clear definition of your business needs.  Once you have your business needs established, the rest seems to fall into place.  So to answer the question, Yes, we most certainly would do it all over again!  Our partnership has been very successful and we are planning to offer more services sooner than we anticipated because of this success. 

By Guest Blogger: Iris Data Services, an Epiq Systems company

Relativity Innovation Awards Spotlight: New Flavors for Managed Services

April 02, 2015 | Shana Kirchner | Platform StorySeen in the Field


Relativity Fest 2014 introduced the first annual Relativity Innovation Awards, which recognize exceptional custom applications built by Relativity users. One of our inaugural year’s winners, Iris ArcSM—built by Iris Data Services—enables the Relativity Premium Hosting Partner to offer diverse managed services and deployment options to their customers.

Adi Elliott, vice president of marketing at Iris, recently sat down with me to provide his perspective on Iris ArcSM, discuss how it’s affected their business and customers, and provide some tips for others looking to apply for the award.

Shana: What was the problem you needed to solve with this application?

Adi: Arc really came about because e-discovery managed services is our core business and previous to Arc, we had to go to market by offering straightforward infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) setups. Every time a prospect came to us, we had to tell them they’d need their own license of Relativity to get started—and then come to us to spin up in the infrastructure and help them get up and running.

So we saw this segment in smaller firms that wanted access to the technology and our services, but we couldn’t offer them a solution that met their specific needs. We had to take a step back and figure out how to solve that problem. That’s where Arc came in.

How did you decide to solve it, and how did you start?

We had a clear idea of what we wanted as an end result. From there, we set up a conversation or two with kCura so we could get a clear picture of whether or not this was possible—we wanted to clarify that our approach would work, and get their take.

Once we had their input, we had to scope out the development time and decide if we really wanted to embark on this. At this scale, it was a bigger process than we anticipated—but it became clear that we needed to do it.

Has Arc impacted your business the way you expected?

This has been one of the biggest business decisions we’ve made as an organization. Arc deals are our biggest sales pipeline, both in the number of deals and the revenue in it. It became even bigger than we expected. We were targeting a specific segment with this solution, but we found other firms appreciated the flexible options, too.

How can other users identify a problem to solve with a customization, and the best way to address the issue?

You end up customizing your software because there’s something you want to do that can’t be accomplished in Relativity alone. Sometimes you hear requests from users because there’s an expectation they have from using other software, or they want to follow a workflow that’s common in other parts of the legal industry. Users are most comfortable with processes they’ve mastered before—and if they’re used to a specific workflow that isn’t built in, you have the flexibility to do it in the platform anyway. These are reactionary customizations that help make your life easier.

But for us, extensions of what make you unique as a business are what’s really interesting—and I’d encourage folks to go this route. It helps differentiate you, and extends who you already are. What workflows or services make your customers stick with you? What’s your secret sauce for running in-house e-discovery projects?

Once you have an idea, definitely have a quick call with kCura’s custom development team to talk it through. They may tell you that it’s been done and give the solution to you; other times they’ll help you figure out how to accomplish it simply and effectively.

For bigger undertakings, be prepared to make big organizational decisions. Scope it out carefully and decide if you really want to be involved—because once you create it, you’re in the software business, in a way. You’ll need to maintain and update the application, support your user base, stay close to the Relativity roadmap, and plan ahead. Keep that in mind.

What advice do you have for users who want to apply for an Innovation Award?

Based on our experience, I’d say apply with something unique to your organization. A winning customization probably isn’t going to come from a reactionary workflow request. A winner will come from some unique business decision you had to make for your organization. Take a step back, look at your business, and build something that’s completely unique to your processes, the way you use Relativity, or the way you do e-discovery. The other ideas are really important—but they may not be the innovative ideas that are going to win it for you.


We’re excited to see our users getting more out of the platform. Keep an eye on for more updates on this year’s show, including details on the Relativity Innovation Awards. We'll begin accepting applications for the 2015 awards on April 30.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments how you’d customize Relativity to highlight a unique feature of your business—and don't forget, registration for Relativity Fest 2015 is now open at a special rate.

Relativity Fest Insights

By Guest Blogger: Iris Data Services, an Epiq Systems company

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Continuous Active Learning: How It Works and Why It Matters to Legal Professionals

A recent review of Insight and Insight Predict for the American Bar Association by e-discovery and technology consultant Brett Burney described them as products that “push the boundaries of how technology can help lawyers face the struggling challenges involved in e-discovery.”

Insight Predict is the only commercial product that uses Continuous Active Learning (CAL), a protocol that dramatically simplifies the TAR process. This 3.42 minute video shows how CAL works and why it matters to legal professionals. 

By Guest Blogger: Catalyst Repository Systems

Catalyst Insight and Insight Predict Now Available in Japan and Asia

Businesses in Japan and Asia will now be able to realize the same savings in e-discovery costs and time as their U.S. counterparts, with Catalyst’s launch today in Japan of its next-generation e-discovery platform Catalyst Insight and its industry-leading technology-assisted review tool Insight Predict. The products will be hosted in data centers physically located in Tokyo, where they will be available to businesses and legal teams throughout Japan and Asia.

By Guest Blogger: Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc.

Using TAR 2.0 to Streamline Document Review for Japanese Patent Litigation

Our client was a multinational Japanese company facing a large document production in an international patent dispute. The initial review collection exceeded 2 million documents. After a series of rolling uploads, which continued throughout the review, the population slated for review grew to 3.6 million. Facing millions in review costs, the client sought an alternative to linear review.

Review time was short. The client’s goal was to finish the review in four weeks with a small team handling the project. The documents were primarily in Japanese, with some English in the mix, and many involved highly technical subject matter.

By Guest Blogger: Catalyst Repository Systems

This infographic shows how Here's how Catalyst helped a Japanese client cut review costs by millions

This infographic shows how Catalyst helped a Japanese client cut review costs by millions. 

By Guest Blogger: Catalyst Repository Systems

Catalyst designs, hosts and services the world’s fastest and most powerful document repositories for

Catalyst designs, hosts and services the world's fastest and most powerful document repositories for large-scale discovery and regulatory compliance. For more than 15 years, corporations and their counsel have relied on Catalyst to help reduce litigation costs and take control of complex legal matters.

Catalyst provides secure, scalable multi-language document repositories specifically built to manage Big Discovery. Through Catalyst Insight, its next-generation e-discovery platform, and Insight Predict, its advanced technology-assisted review tool, Catalyst enables corporations to reduce the cost and risk of discovery, achieve greater control and predictability in workflows, and gain greater visibility and accountability across all their matters. To learn more about Catalyst, visit or follow the company on Twitter at @CatalystSecure.

By Guest Blogger: Catalyst Repository Systems

Morrison Cohen Increases eDiscovery Capacity through Managed Services with Iris

Kansas City, February 3, 2015 – Iris Data Services, the leader in eDiscovery managed services, today announced that Morrison Cohen LLP, a New York-based commercial law firm, has experienced great results through a multi-year managed services partnership agreement with Iris. Iris provides kCura’s eDiscovery platform Relativity on an Infrastructure as a Service basis, giving Morrison Cohen the ability to scale the platform as needed. Since signing the contract with Iris more than a year ago, the firm has continued to increase the capacity and efficiency of its eDiscovery services.

“Managed services has been a great business decision for our firm,” said Mary Flynn, partner and co-chair of business litigation. “We now host eDiscovery cases of all sizes without relying on external vendors. This partnership enables us to control the process and provide top tier service and value for our clients.”

“I’ve never seen a service provider that engages and partners with us the way Iris does,” said Jason Reid, litigation support manager at Morrison Cohen. “They learned about our practices, values, and culture to such a degree that they have literally become an extension of our team. It’s a solid partnership built on trust and results.”

“Morrison Cohen’s focus on efficiency is a mission that we share at Iris,” said Major Baisden, president of Iris Data Services. “The firm has always offered top-tier legal experience, and their eDiscovery capabilities now exceed that of much larger firms – but without the hefty price tag.”

Before moving to managed services, Morrison Cohen’s large cases would be outsourced to vendors at greater cost to clients. The efficiency and scale Iris brings has allowed Morrison Cohen to use the best tools and technology on all cases, regardless of size. The benefits of this efficiency are passed on to Morrison Cohen’s clients.

About Morrison Cohen
Morrison Cohen LLP is one of New York’s leading full-service mid-size commercial law firms. The firm offers clients top-tier legal experience and senior-level attorney attention at rational billing rates. The Firm provides an array of corporate, capital markets, business litigation, real estate, bankruptcy and reorganization, compensation, benefits and employment, and other commercial, transactional, and individual client legal services, principally to the middle market.

About Iris
Iris Data Services is the leader in eDiscovery managed services. Iris’ suite of products includes Horizon, managed services processing that seamlessly integrates best-in-class applications, and Arc, a private Relativity environment for a fixed monthly fee. Iris’ U.S. headquarters is in Kansas City and its European headquarters is in London. Iris also maintains offices throughout the United States, Europe, India, and China. For more information about Iris, visit


Press Contacts

Stephen Long
Morrison Cohen LLP
(212) 735-8677

Lauren French
Iris Data Services
(913) 815-8072

By Guest Blogger: Iris Data Services, LLC

Plauché Maselli Parkerson Picks Iris for eDiscovery Managed Services

Kansas City, February 3, 2015 – Iris Data Services, the leader in eDiscovery managed services, today announced that New Orleans-based law firm Plauché Maselli Parkerson has signed a multi-year eDiscovery managed services agreement with Iris. The deal includes Arc, Iris’ managed services review product. Arc combines the industry-leading review platform, Relativity, with the workflows and backend support to manage eDiscovery of any size.

“Plauché looks to use the latest technology and best practices to serve their clients as efficiently as possible,” said Major Baisden, president of Iris Data Services. “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with like-minded people.”

Plauché Maselli Parkerson specializes in insurance and corporate defense. Their purchase of Arc for eDiscovery document hosting and review will provide the tools and workflow to efficiently manage and report on the eDiscovery process. Arc appealed to the partners at Plauché because it levels the playing field for eDiscovery by wrapping workflow and support around kCura’s market-leading eDiscovery platform, Relativity.


About Plauché Maselli Parkerson LLP
Based in New Orleans, Plauché Maselli Parkerson is a litigation firm specializing in insurance and corporate defense. Plauché defends cases on a statewide and national basis, providing the primary defense in products, premises, environmental, automotive/trucking, transportation and natural gas/LP liability claims.

About Iris
Iris Data Services is the leader in eDiscovery managed services. Iris’ suite of products includes Horizon, managed services processing that seamlessly integrates best-in-class applications, and Arc, a private Relativity environment for a fixed monthly fee. Iris’ U.S. headquarters is in Kansas City and its European headquarters is in London. Iris also maintains offices throughout the United States, Europe, India, and China. For more information about Iris, visit


Press Contact

Lauren French
Iris Data Services
(913) 815-8072

By Guest Blogger: Iris Data Services, LLC

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The Edge Room Opens for Legaltech West Coast Exhibitors

Today Edge Legal Marketing announced the opening of The Edge Room®  for Legaltech®West Coast 2015. 

Legaltech West Coast meets Silicon Valley for the first time!  After many years in Los Angeles venues, Legaltech West Coast 2015 moves to San Francisco, taking on the distinct flavor of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Plan to be at Legaltech July 13-14, at the Hyatt in San Francisco.

The Monday keynote will take a focused look at data privacy and protection - a key concern for growing law firms and corporations in all industries.  Legal and security experts from Intel, Google, eHarmony and TiVo - companies on the frontlines of cyber security - will engage attendees with their views of balancing product and service values to customers, while protecting user privacy.

New this year is a "Shark Tank" style series of startup pitches. Entrepreneurs from companies in emerging legal technology will pitch their products and services to a panel of judges.

Media opportunities abound for providers of legal technology solutions. We encourage exhibitors to upload company logos, press releases, white papers, articles and company brochures at the Edge Room virtual media center, where media reps will have full access to the information they need for news coverage before and during the event.

Originally launched in 2007, The Edge Room is a modern version of the traditional trade show press room. ALM partners with Edge Legal Marketing to offer this convenient service to conference exhibitors and qualified members of the media.

The Edge Room also includes additional exposure for exhibitors via its social media outlets on Twitter (#LTWC15), LinkedIn and Facebook. Press releases can be automatically posted on The Edge Room blog, which is optimized for search engine crawlers to help companies boost their SEO.

Exhibitors have received an email with login information explaining how to submit press releases and media kits to The Edge Room. In July, the media will be given secured access to view and download the online information submitted by exhibitors. 

If you have questions, email 
To learn more about The Edge Room, visit today.

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