Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SpeakWrite can have a dramatic effect on the way you provide document preparation services.

By using SpeakWrite as a supplement or ancillary to your in-house legal word processing staff, you can:

  • Shift your word processing capabilities out of your office to us, and refocus your existing staff,
  • Immediately fill your needs for word processing staff arising from vacation/absentee/FMLA absences, etc., all on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Immediately provide word processing staff for unexpected spikes in workload, with unlimited staff available any time,
  • Use our staff for nights/weekends/holidays and any other periods when your in-house staff is unavailable,
  • Realize substantial cost savings from better use of your resources - more mileage from your budgeted dollars,
  • Maintain better cost control by eliminating the fixed costs of an additional employee,
  • Move all payroll burden and other hidden 'costs' of an employee to someone else - (training, insurance, FICA, etc.), and
  • Establish complete flexibility in staffing - never again pay for any capacity not needed.

By Guest Blogger: SpeakWrite