Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NeuLexa at LegalTech NY: Transformative Project and Team Management for the New Era Legal Workflow

NeuLexa is designed by lawyers for lawyers who want to significantly strengthen legal work product quality, bolster client relations, assemble geographically dispersed teams, improve cost efficiency and thrive in the new legal environment. Proprietary, patent-pending algorithm forms cornerstone of this cloud deployable platform and leverages knowledge base of legal teams. 

NeuLexa rotates legal workflow around people, not data. NeuLexa achieves this revolutionary objective through an intuitive project and document management interface and powerful, closed circuit social media features which leverage the knowledge base of legal teams. Project team and client collaboration is conducted within a highly secure environment that employs military-grade encryption of data, messages and files during transit and in storage.

Attorneys must answer clients’ increasing demands for collaboration, mobile interaction and value in legal work product. This means legal workflow must be reengineered to include RFP management, project management, geographically dispersed and outsourced legal teams and the influx of BYOD culture.

CEO of NeuLexa, Chi Eng, remarks, “Global collaboration, flexibility and leveraging the knowledge base of legal team members while serving clients’ demands for increased transparency and value in the legal work product is what NeuLexa does. We’re pleased to demonstrate this exciting platform at LegalTech and look forward to a great show.”






By Guest Blogger: NeuLexa Corp