Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chief Scientist of RenewData to Host Language-Based Analytics Discussion at #LTNY

RenewData, a full-service eDiscovery provider that offers the industry’s broadest spectrum of review acceleration solutions, today announced that its chief scientist, Andy Kraftsow, will host a series of small-group discussions on eDiscovery market trends and Language-Based Analytics during LegalTech New York. Media, corporate counsel, eDiscovery and litigation attorneys and legal professionals are invited to attend.

These intimate, one-hour sessions will be limited to eight people and be held daily at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in RenewData’s SkySuite, which adjoins the LegalTech exhibit hall. A registration form for these sessions is available to determine session availability. 

As the reliance on electronic communications continues to grow and yield an inordinate amount of discoverable data, the cost of review has also escalated – something legal professionals have been struggling to control. Traditionally, this problem has been addressed by reducing the cost of labor involved in review and increasing the number of documents a reviewer can read in an hour. More recently, organizations have turned to artificial intelligence to accelerate review. None of these solutions have delivered optimal results. 

“At this point, legal professionals have done everything they can to increase flip rates and lower the cost of labor for eDiscovery,” said Kraftsow. “Now our focus has turned to the third option: review fewer documents – only the relevant ones. The right technology can make this happen in a defensible, transparent manner, and yield additional benefits that previous cost-control solutions cannot match.”

Kraftsow’s discussion will focus on: 

  • The pros and cons of each method for accelerating review.
  • The inherent “blind spots” associated with artificial-intelligence-based review technologies.
  • The importance of cross-document knowledge extraction for achieving optimal savings.
  • Viable, proven, cost-saving alternatives to artificial-intelligence-based solutions.

 To reserve your seat for this session, please visit the registration form or contact Kathy Rogers at 512-276-5507 for more information.

By Guest Blogger: Joseph Garber, RenewData Corp.