Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Free-Trial Document Comparison Add-In for O365

Office 365 Integration: Professional Document Comparison

Last month, a new chapter in the history of our Office 365 evolution at Litéra began when Change-Pro® was made available to download in the Office 365 app store as a free trial. For the first time ever, anyone (with an Office 365 account) can download this powerful cloud-based comparison technology and perform up to ten total comparisons on any device.

When we say “anywhere on any device,” we aren’t just making up a nice slogan to sell an idea; our development team has worked hard to turn this vision into reality, and the reality has arrived. If you’re already familiar with Change-Pro® and want to jump straight to performing comparisons, there’s no need to read any further. Go to the app page in the Office 365 store to download your free trial copy. This short video tutorial will help you get started.

What is Change-Pro?

Change-Pro® is a software tool that accurately compares two files so you know precisely what the differences are between those files. It is the only tool available that performs image comparison, embedded Excel, Visio, etc. It not only
compares everything in the document, but keeps it readable as well. It is easy to understand the results and interpret what changes were made.

As a desktop tool, Change-Pro® has proved its place in the market for years. Many of the largest law firms in the world use this tool on a daily basis to perform comparisons of their most important business documents. The value of this tool becomes apparent when used to ensure the success of a major contract, deal, or matter. Why? Because even the slightest change in a business document could potentially cause major business problems. If a phrase in a contract were slightly altered, or a decimal point out of place, the fallout (monetarily speaking) could be catastrophic.

What’s the Big Deal with This Release?

For years, the Change-Pro® desktop app for Windows has made a sizeable impact in law firm environments; we wanted to take that further by making Change-Pro® available outside of installing it on a localized desktop or server. We also wanted to provide it on multiple platforms (Mac, PC, iOS, or Android). This version of Change-Pro® is far more mobile than the desktop app. It’s more accessible because you don’t need to install anything, and you can use it no matter where you are.

Small law firms, solo practitioners, and business professionals (and anyone else who needs on-the-go access to the highest quality comparison tool available) will benefit the most from this free trial. Once the trial is finished, a subscription to our mobile software platform, Litéra LiVE™, will grant unlimited access to Change-Pro® (and other wonderful Litéra tools). Lawyers at larger firms can talk to their IT department about deploying the Office 365 app internally with the purchase of Litéra Task Server™.

For lawyers especially, accurate comparison technology is a “must” in the modern legal arena. The ability to see where changes have been made (especially when collaborating with multiple people) reduces risk, helps to maintain control, and boosts confidence for everyone involved.

What’s Next?

By December 31st of this year (2016), we will add native PDF comparison functionality to the Change-Pro® Office 365 app’s comprehensive comparison profile. Watch this demo video for a preview of this upcoming feature.

By Guest Blogger: Litéra Corp