Monday, January 23, 2017

SpeechWare First Time Live from Europe, Come Meet at Booth # 532

Background & Mission
SpeechWare was created ten years ago, with the mission to contribute to the long-promised speech recognition revolution for the average business and public service computer user.

With our unique software, Transcription Aid®, this revolution takes a giant leap forward. This new transcription software significantly increases the already impressive productivity of Dragon NaturallySpeaking®, widely recognized by international experts as the technological as well as market leader in speech recognition. The application brings the correction and editing of text, as well as the transcription from virtually any voice recording application or portable device, to unprecedented levels of simplicity.

Besides, from the privileged environment of the multilingual city of Brussels (the so-called "Capital of Europe") SpeechWare focuses on the provision of integrated speech and dictation consultancy solutions, training and technical support to International organisations, Public administrations and compagnies throughout Europe. The company has acquired a unique blend of expertise in the "ergonomics" and perfect adaptation of speech recognition and digital dictation systems to practical needs of users.

By Guest Blogger: YB Sales & Distributors, Inc.