Friday, January 13, 2017

All Covered, the IT Services division of Konica Minolta understand your clients’ requirements

As high-profile breaches continue to increase and flood the news every week, so does attention to the growing concern of protecting all types of data. Hackers have discovered that one of the easiest routes to a corporation’s data is through third parties.

Cybersecurity and attestation present a growing issue that has neither a definitive fix, nor a resolution in sight. One of the key themes is not to try to win this war all on your own. If you need help, get help. There are a lot of experts, such as All Covered, the IT Services division of Konica Minolta, that understand your clients’ requirements and can help you with an in-depth understanding of true best practices.

Your goal should be to understand the threat and proactively prepare for the inevitable. With the right plan and help, you should be able to put your partners’ and clients’ minds at ease and focus on the practice of law.

By Guest Blogger: Marco Maggion @acmarcomaggio