Tuesday, January 17, 2017

LawToolBox365 CaseStudy

LawToolBox365 is an Office 365 add-in for Outlook 2013 and 2016 that gives legal professionals matter-based deadlines inside Outlook. Using the LawToolBox365 add-in, law firms and legal departments can calculate state and federal court deadlines for their matters based on rules of procedure for each court as emails arrive from courts, opposing counsel, clients and experts. A user can simply click on the “Calculate Deadlines” button in the Outlook ribbon to instantly calculate and update deadlines based on US state and federal court rules (e.g., select “California Superior Court – LA County” the first time LawToolBox365 is activated for a matter, and then select the trigger date such as “Date Trial Commences” and see 50+ deadlines). LawToolBox365 gives legal professionals another set of eyes watching for court rule changes, and when rules change, it notifies them and updates their calendar. Users can also automatically "update" deadlines as events change and "remove" deadlines as users get re-assigned and cases resolve. The “Share Deadlines” button allows users to instantly add deadlines internally to team member Outlook calendars and externally to a client’s Google calendar, a witnesses Outlook calendar, an expert’s iCal calendar, or an insurance adjuster’s Lotus Notes calendar. With this add-in legal professionals can quickly navigate through the procedural pitfalls and traps of litigation so they can spend more time on the substantive issues that will determine the outcome on the merits. With its matter-based backbone inside Outlook, LawToolBox365 allows legal professionals to manage deadlines from beginning to end without ever leaving their Outlook Inbox.

By Guest Blogger: LawToolBox.com, Inc.