Tuesday, January 17, 2017

LawToolBox Docketing System - Case Study

In 2001, we first started using deadlines from LawToolBox at my former law firm because we wanted a deadline solution that would not only calculate deadlines, but would synchronize those deadlines into not only my calendar, but also the calendars for other users and teams. LawToolBox is cloud-based software that calculates court deadlines based on rules of procedure, and makes court rule-sets customizable. Law firms use LawToolBox to calculate deadlines and can customize these rule-sets by adding their own deadline templates and setting defaults to automatically omit the rulebased deadlines they do not need. This helps manage and reduce risk. We also found LawToolBox deadlines integrated with our Outlook calendars really well. As deadlines are calculated, LawToolBox records who added or edited what deadline and when, and then synchronizes deadlines to my Outlook every 15 minutes based on my own format and reminder preferences. For example, one user for a case might get a reminder on their calendar on the day of deadline, three days before the deadline, and 14 days before; while another user on the same case might choose to get their deadlines in their Task list. Because LawToolBox automatically synchronizes deadlines to Outlook, and those dates are pushed to my mobile device, I can look at my deadlines from anywhere. Most lawyers I know sync their mobile devices through exchange or a redirect. When deadlines sync to Outlook, if it is updating your mobile device through your exchange server in real time, then you can rely on the fact that your deadlines are where they need to be. I often take the light rail to work. At night on my way home, I can pull my reminders and see what deadlines are coming up. And if I mark them as complete on my iPhone or iPad, this will sync back through exchange to my Outlook tasks.

By Guest Blogger: LawToolBox.com, Inc.