Tuesday, January 31, 2017

QuickFee is now serving the #Legal profession! Learn about Fee Financing for #law firms.

Fee Financing has just started to take off in the US with law firms, but has been popular for years in other countries such as the UK and Australia.

Fee Financing is simply a loan to your clients so they can pay your fees immediately, while covering the cost with monthly installments to QuickFee. It gives your firm an edge by cutting outstanding receivables in half, while helping draw in new clients such as those with cash flow issues (start-ups, seasonal businesses, etc.).

Firms love Fee Financing because it’s a service providing only benefit with no cost to them, while clients love it because they’re provided greater payment flexibility.  We can have you set up in 48 hours, so contact us for details, or learn more here...



By Guest Blogger: QuickFee