Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scroll provides attorneys with engaging, up-to-date content for blogs, websites and social media.


Scroll combines machine learning and automated publishing platforms to curate and disseminate content for attorneys’ blogs, websites and social media.

Raleigh, NC, January 24, 2017– Attorneys’ websites often refer to ‘blogs’ or ‘news’ on their headers; however, when someone clicks to go to that corresponding page there is no up-to-date content. Often citing time constraints, attorneys fail to generate new website and blog content. Then citing budget constraints, attorneys fail to hire personnel to complete these tasks on their behalf. Scroll recognizes this pain point and offers a subscription service as the solution.

“Attorneys understand why they should be sharing content. Thought leadership, new channels of attracting clients, and online findability are the top three reasons. We make it easy and affordable for them to outsource content marketing to us, in part, because of the way we divide the process between humans and machines, “said Marlet Edwards, Attorney and CEO. 

How we do it: Scroll uses robot searchers, capable of reading upwards of 150,000 pages per day, to find articles and the latest news on each client’s practice area. Humans then choose the best pieces from the robot’s recommendations to upload to the attorney’s pipeline on an automated publishing platform. The posts are scheduled to publish to five places: a news feed, a branded blog page, Linked In®, Twitter® and the firm’s Facebook® page.  

Each article links back to the attorney’s homepage providing relevant inbound links to boost search engine optimization.

Pipelines are built out a month in advance to give each attorney time to log in, review and make any edits. The easy-to-use platform allows attorneys to create and schedule his or her own additional unique posts.

Scroll’s CEO, Marlet Edwards, will speak on a panel at ALM® LegalWeek called, “Social Media Conversion: Going Beyond Content Distribution.” While Scroll publishes content for these attorneys, social media conversion requires those attorneys to become fluent in all channels of communication so that they are accessible to potential clients on the platform that person prefers. We call this being and ‘omni-channel attorney’. The onboarding process shows our clients  ways to set their social media accounts to alert them when someone comments on, likes, retweets or shares a post. A quick response yields a higher rate of converting a lead into a paying client. They also receive analytics on the engagement of the posts so they can measure the return on investment.

Scroll’s Blogging and Social Media Platform- Key Features:

  • A branded blog page that links seamlessly with the attorney’s existing website that is updated weekly with practice area specific articles and engaging graphics.
  • A branded news page that links seamlessly with the attorney’s existing website that updates daily with the latest articles in the legal industry.
  • Performance Analytics.
  • A pipeline of social media posts compiled a month in advance to give each attorney time to review and edit the posts at his or her convenience.
  • Steady stream of relevant in-bound links to the attorney’s homepage to boost search engine optimization.
  • Each user has access to his or her own dashboard to contribute individually.

About Scroll

Scroll provides attorneys with engaging, up-to-date content that automatically and consistently posts to their branded blog pages, Linked In®, Twitter® and the firm’s Facebook® page.   Marlet Edwards practiced law in Raleigh, North Carolina for fourteen years before co-founding Scroll. She understands first-hand the difficulty of balancing existing client cases with business development to ensure a steady stream of work. Providing this subscription based model of outsourcing content marketing frees up a considerable amount of non-billable time for Scroll’s clients. Aiding the human editorial staff with machine learning tools keeps the price of the services affordable.

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