Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Broadcast Studio: The Future of #videomarketing

“Our clients just keep saying, ‘We need to make lots of videos, but how can we afford to?’” said innovator and entrepreneur David Newman. “It was my mission to help them do just that.”
Newman’s solution, he calls it My Broadcast Studio, an all-in-one video production unit made to fit into a small office of any business.
“High end video production at the volume the Internet demands, takes a lot of time and money. That puts it out of reach for many businesses. My Broadcast Studio solves that problem.”
The My Broadcast Studio service includes a two-way monitor for people on camera to see and be coached by an off site producer remotely. The performance is helped by a Teleprompter and captured via Internet at David’s studio, KDN Videoworks. A polished clip with music and graphics is ready for posting on the web, YouTube, and social media, in a matter of hours.
Newman’s company, KDN Videoworks in Madison Heights, MI, makes award-winning videos for big corporate clients. He knows the stakes are changing for the production industry. According to BuzzPlant, a digital marketing agency, video will take up 79% of consumer Internet traffic by 2018.

Detroit attorney Pat Nemeth uses My Broadcast Studio for client relations. Her firm, Nemeth Law, now creates videos every month for their blog. “In our field, things change so fast, we need to get the message to our clients quickly and often,” Nemeth said, “My Broadcast Studio is the perfect way to do it.”
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By Guest Blogger: My Broadcast Studio by KDN Videoworks