Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Litéra Launches Next Gen Legal Contract Review Tool

Litéra® Corp, a global leader in content management solutions, has announced plans to release Litéra LexPro™, a defined term and cross-referencing tool for Microsoft® Word. Litéra LexPro™ enhances productivity by simplifying the review process in legal documents.

Simon Dandy, VP of R&D at Litéra Corp, “Checking the defined terms in a large document can take many hours and is error prone. With Litéra LexPro™, this time is reduced to minutes.”

Sherry Kappel, a recognized industry expert in Microsoft® Word and Chief Consultant at Litéra, “Through the editing process, cross-references either become disconnected from their original targets, won’t update because they’ve been input as manually-entered text, or may be inaccurate when text was added above a numbered heading. Litéra LexPro™ empowers lawyers as a cross-referencing tool by ensuring these common issues can be found and fixed quickly.”

By Guest Blogger: Litéra Corp