Friday, January 8, 2016

We are the creators of the Exego technology, and the home of stress-free eDiscovery.


We built our business on making the process of turning terabytes of information into accurate results for our clients, and this latest advancement is no different. Exego Select culls and calibrates your information before the review process—at no additional cost.


Like nothing before it, Exego Select transforms traditional early case assessment into a critical pre-review phase featuring email threading, bulk tagging and robust reporting. Exego Select now provides clients with a hyper-focused pre-review process which eliminates excess information and distills data into its most precise form before the expensive document review phase.


Exego Select is predictive, pre-emptive, and fine-tuned to fit each customer’s needs - and best of all, there are no additional user fees associated with Exego Select.

By Guest Blogger: Planet Data