Friday, January 22, 2016

New Workspace Software LawStudio Developed and Launched by Litigation Support Innovators at Veritext

Veritext, the world’s largest court reporting company, today announced the release of LawStudio – an all-in-one workspace that allows litigation attorneys and support staff to build their case. Documents, exhibits, depositions, videos, images and more are all in one place and are simple to access by all members working on a case. LawStudio is affordably priced at $299 per month for a single license, includes unlimited file storage, allows access from anywhere at any time and requires no IT support to purchase and use.


“We designed LawStudio to be a complete and robust litigation support platform while remaining easily accessible to any legal professional, regardless of their technical abilities or financial situation,” says Nancy Josephs, CEO of Veritext. “By keeping the cost low and the technology simple, we believe we’ve created a truly unique, innovative and useful tool.”


LawStudio’s simple searching, annotation and reporting capabilities, integration with existing software and services and video streaming help legal teams collaborate easily on a case. Robust features include:

  • File and Case Management – Secure data hosting means information is in one place and accessible anywhere, anytime. Files can be added using the “drag and drop” feature, and searching is simple and fast.
  • Software and Service Integration – Transcripts and exhibits are automatically loaded.
  • Annotation Engine – Capture, categorize and catalog every piece of information, including text and images.
  • Robust Reports – Summarize any annotations, have the citations you need to construct a motion or trial document and use the image capture to include the actual image from the document – not just text.
  • Collaboration Platform – Advanced security and sharing controls allow users to set the team. Extensive audit trails show who did what and when.
  • Secure Share – Securely share large files while adding encryptions and link expiration times.
  • Video Streaming – Veritext deposition videos are instantly streamed to users’ accounts, and other videos can be uploaded at any time. 
  • Client Connect – Built-in HD web conferencing allows users to virtually meet with and show documents to clients.
  • Swift Redact – Data is protected and permanently removed before sharing.
  • MS Office Integration  Share secure links within an email and upload and send large files right from a message. MS Office documents, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, can be saved in their LawStudio case folder with one click. 

LawStudio offers a free 45-day trial and can be accessed from the company’s website at Pricing for a single license starts at $299 per month and drops as low as $208 per user per month for firms with more than 21 users with an annual subscription. 

By Guest Blogger: LawStudio by VERITEXT LEGAL SOLUTIONS