Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Capital Novus eZSuite Overview

Capital Novus’ unique, powerful e-Discovery solution, eZSuite™, reflects a maturity of proven technology based on more than a decade of user insight and real
case experiences. eZSuite™ is a complete, full-spectrum platform that covers the entire litigation lifecycle, eliminating the need for any third-party plug-in solutions. The suite comprises 4 independent but seamlessly integrated modules: the data capture module, eZProcess™; the analytics module, eZAnalytics™; the knowledge management/ECA module, eZVUE®; and the workflow/review module, eZReview®. The modules may be used independently with other third-party solutions or together, as a complete, endto-
end e-Discovery solution. eZSuite™ is available as Software as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service, on-premise licensing, or through Capital Novus’ fully managed services.

By Guest Blogger: Capital Novus