Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Jarvis Legal, ludicrously simple legal practice management software

Jarvis Legal is an all-in-one web-based ludicrously simple legal practice management software.

Track your time, bill clients, generate documents, store files online, manage calendars, check your Trust Account, view activity reports and much more from any device from anywhere at anytime. Jarvis Legal allows you to focus on practicing law while maximizing your revenues. Switch to Jarvis Legal now to save 30% of your time and bill 10% more.

Save Time. Save 30% of your time thanks to automated data extraction from your documents, 3-click billing and centralized case management available anytime from anywhere and on any device even offline.

Bill more. Bill 10% more as you record time entries in real-time thanks to automated timetracking when drafting documents or when receiving a call from existing clients on your cell phone.

Easy & Intuitive. Get up & running in seconds and become an expert in a matter of minutes thanks to a very intuitive and user-friendly interface with almost no learning curve.

Team work. Invite and share your documents with your team members, third parties or your clients in a click

Offline & Online. Access and edit your documents even offline thanks to JarvisBox. Installed on your computer, it replicates the documents you saved in the cloud and automatically syncs the documents modified offline as soon as you’re back online.

By Guest Blogger: Jarvis Legal