Tuesday, January 19, 2016

LegalConference Advanced Webinar Service Pricing

LegalConference.com webinar will render live video streaming from its' server to a set number of seats which represent the number of computers participating in a webinar. Each computer participating in the webinar will be invited by the undersigned client using LegalConference.com. Each seat and principal host of the webinar will use LegalConference.com to conduct the webinar. Any standard web browser will work for the LegalConference.com Webinar. No software download is needed to conduct the webinar



 Live video streaming with full motion webcam or attached video camera;
 Live real-time audio communication with attached or built-in microphone;
 Live audience participation through video streaming on personal computer;
 Live text chat for live question and answer sessions;
 Live slide show with power point presentation;
 Live document review with document edits; and
 Live recording of webinar upon request (must call to schedule a recording).

By Guest Blogger: LegalConference.com