Friday, January 22, 2016

Forexus released Chat eDiscovery 2.5: Process and deduplicate instant messages for review

Forexus released version 2.5 of Chat eDiscovery, a software solution which allows chat data from the source or journaling systems to be de-duplicated, formatted as a document and loaded into conventional eDiscovery systems. The deduplication is performed on a per chat message basis, which reduces the review population up to 64%. Further reductions can be achieved by elimination of irrelevant systems status messages and disclaimers. Chat transcripts created from Bloomberg, Reuters, Lync and other chat systems have the same format, which allows for efficient and rapid reviews.

The software is designed for windows environments and integrates into the active directory. For performance reasons a modular design with dedicated workers was chosen, which makes it scalable and flexible. The backend is implemented with Microsoft SQL server and allows direct access to the database for advanced users.

Forexus is based in Zürich, Switzerland and offers eDiscovery, IT Forensic and Data Analytics services with the main focus on financial institutions and law companies. For more information about Chat eDiscovery visit or the company website

By Guest Blogger: Forexus