Thursday, January 29, 2015

Want to improve your #legal case analysis with the benefit of a #TimeLine? There's an #app for that!


A timeline can greatly enhance your case analysis — from the initial plotting of evidentiary points collaboratively between counsel through discovery and trial preparation. Create a timeline wherever you are with the new Timelines app. 

The Timelines app is offered as an integrated companion to Liquid Lit Manager or as a standalone version for those not currently using the powerful web-based tool. Both apps offer a logical user interface that is easy to navigate, allowing for the creation of trackable points and the organization of topics. Users can associate people, organizations, locations, notes and categories with timeline points. 

For maximum mobility, the app allows for offline work, such as reviewing and amending chronologies and documents. Once an Internet connection is present, changes can be synced for continued team collaboration. Standalone app users can add Dropbox files and create timelines for any project. 

Stop by booth #224 and see what your future holds. It might be a free Timeline app!

By Guest Blogger: Liquid Litigation Management, Inc.