Monday, January 12, 2015

CDW Threat Check passively monitors your network for unknown malware

What is CDW Threat Check?

From the security leader you know and the technology experts you trust comes CDW Threat Check. Powered by Symantec security technologies, it passively monitors your network to reveal unknown malware, giving you insights today for a more secure tomorrow.

  • A One-Two Punch: Powered by Symantec Global Intelligence Network and DeepSight technology, CDW Threat Check passively monitors your network for unknown malware. Then, CDW works with you to interpret the results and devise a customized plan for remediation.
  • Malware Detection: CDW Threat Check alerts you to active and installed malware on your network, such as viruses, worms, Trojans, botnets and spyware.
  • Security Planning: CDW Threat Check brings unknown malware to light, giving you the knowledge to build a case for security and better prioritize those funds thereafter.

How does CDW Threat Check work?

CDW Threat Check is the first step toward a more secure approach. Built on defense–in–depth architecture, CDW Threat Check detects malware in three steps:

1) Passive network monitoring

  • Monitors for malicious traffic
  • Surveys malware and bot activity
  • Monitors endpoint threat activity

2) Detection of infected clients

  • Identifies installed malware
  • Provides actionable reporting

3) Detection of botnets

  • Inspects all in/out network traffic
  • Identifies signs of bot traffic
  • Correlates behaviors to pinpoint active bot

By Guest Blogger: CDW