Tuesday, January 20, 2015

AccessData – 1st & only to combine data processing, ECA, final review into a single platform

AccessData’s Summation is the first and only solution that combines full-strength data processing, early case assessment and final review features into a single platform—eliminating the need for iterative processing, data loading and multiple review cycles.  Modern litigation involves the review of all types of data during discovery. The volume of this data, particularly electronic records, is growing rapidly and it is getting more and more difficult for legal teams to stay on top of their discovery obligations.  Join data growth challenges with the wide variety of data sources and the many tools and processes typically needed to move data through the e-discovery process, and you have a perfect storm of cost and risk.

Summation lets legal teams use one product to strategically reduce the amount of data they analyze in final review.   It provides an intuitive and secure platform in which to analyze and produce all discovery data types.  Eliminate the fees and risk incurred when moving data between tools and providers through a highly secure, simple and repeatable process. Summation also plays well with others. Work seamlessly with AccessData’s FTK and MPE+. Ingest competitor databases and export competitor load files.

By Guest Blogger: AccessData