Thursday, January 29, 2015

BigHand Announces the Launch of BigHand Now

BigHand, the leading provider of voice productivity and document formatting software, is previewing at LTNY 2015 an enhanced platform that enables law firms to streamline all of their task delegation processes into one easy-to-use solution. This enhanced solution will serve to further reduce inefficiencies and increase accountability between attorneys and support staff via a robust workflow methodology similar to the one incorporated in BigHand’s popular voice productivity software.

In today’s legal market, firms are striving for continuous improvement in efficiency, productivity, and customer service. BigHand is known for their voice productivity software that enables attorneys and their administrative teams to streamline document creation via a comprehensive workflow tool that is integrated within the digital dictation software.


BigHand Now extends the concept of the existing BigHand workflow tool to capture more work input methods - such as email, working documents and manual forms - in addition to dictations, within the BigHand workflow. The workflow provides attorneys with a simple, highly customizable interface to assign tasks to their administrative staff, enabling them to concentrate on higher value, fee earning tasks instead of work administration.

By Guest Blogger: BigHand