Monday, January 26, 2015

Catalyst case study shows how to manage discovery on a global scale

How does one of the world’s largest litigants efficiently manage discovery across 125 active patent, trademark and regulatory matters involving 300 million documents and counsel at 60 of the world’s leading law firms? Discovery on that scale presents significant challenges. Deadlines loom constantly and billions of dollars are at stake.

The company—sophisticated about litigation and known as a technology innovator—found the e-discovery platform that provides the efficiency and control it requires:

  • A central hub to manage millions of documents across multiple
  • Maximum automation from processing through production
  • Consistency of coding across cases and counsel
  • Airtight security with multi-level access controls for team
  • Detailed customized tracking and reporting within and among matters
  • Central oversight and control across all cases and counsel

Through Catalyst, this Fortune 20 technology company was able to achieve its key requirements for an e-discovery platform. More important, the company has been able to take command of its e-discovery in ways that deliver real value. Key benefits for the company include consistency across all its cases, substantial cost and time savings, elimination of redundant effort, assurance of best practices, and full control. 

By Guest Blogger: Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc.