Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Take control of your invstgtn, overcome the ever changing mobile device tech challenges w/AD’s MPE+

MPE+ is the perfect choice for mobile forensics examiners looking to upgrade their capabilities.  Today, most crimes involve electronic evidence contained on mobile devices; quickly identifying this evidence is not only critical in resolving these crimes but also streamlines case processing to help reduce case backlogs. AccessData’s Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) provides you with the tools necessary to identify, collect and effectively uncover the key data other solutions miss. MPE+ supports even the most challenging mobile device profiles and offers the broad capabilities of high-priced tools at a fraction of the cost. Features advanced carving, deleted data recovery, application data extraction and analysis, SQLite database browsing, filtering options and more.

Mobile technology is progressing at such a rapid rate, it’s difficult for mobile forensic solutions to keep up. Most forensic tools require regular updates to keep pace with the volatility of mobile technologies and are often overwhelmed. Typically, forensic tools are antiquated technology at the time of their release since mobile device application updates are anything but routine. MPE+ overcomes all the variations of mobile devices—different hardware, OS versions, updates, etc.—by providing investigators with an easy-to-use yet comprehensive solution that works on today’s technology and future variations without the need for constant software upgrades. The MPE+ pythonScripter allows the examiner to create, import or use preconfigured python scripts against data imported into the MPE+ solution. This allows MPE+ to support a near unlimited volume of devices, data types, application specific data and digital metadata.

Law enforcement must be able to identify and examine all the apps that reside on a mobile device, and they must be able to extract the data associated with those apps. They need a mobile device forensics solution that’s flexible enough to keep up with the fast-moving landscape of mobile apps and smart enough to uncover the hidden evidence those apps often hold. MPE+ is the only mobile forensic tool on the market that allows you to build simple SQL queries to extract hidden application data from all applications containing a SQLite database. Because of this capability, MPE+ can support most applications available—no need to wait for a software upgrade!

By Guest Blogger: AccessData