Monday, January 27, 2014

There are no surprises in your review if you use staccato for your early case assessment.


Nashville, TN.

Cicayda, an eDiscovery software and services provider, announces major feature upgrades to its Early Case Assessment software, staccato.

Staccato, cicayda’s third software as a service brought to market, is cicayda’s spectacularly fresh ECA application. Staccato not only performs all the easy culling operations of a traditional ECA tool, it takes ECA to another level.  Staccato promotes true risk assessment prior to an expensive and time-consuming review by doing what ECA tools should do: search your data, and calculate your cost and your risks.

Through leveraging proprietary search based on natural language processing, staccato instantly shows you who the key players are, who are connected to them, the identities of key organizations, the date ranges of relevant data, and even important locations.

 After your data is culled and reduced, staccato gives you the ultimate first pass review of your data. You may then conduct your very own smart assessments of the data by editing your search terms, plugging in the number of reviewers needed to meet your deadlines, and assigning dollar cost. There are no surprises in your review if you use staccato for your early case assessment.

Priced extremely competitively with no add-on fees, staccato is so reasonable in cost and valuable in results that it will become “Constant Case Assessment”. By leveraging cicayda’s proprietary search NLP technology, you can assess your data to make informed decisions throughout all phases of the litigation. With staccato, you are always ready to answer the most strategic questions at any point in the life of a particular case.

For investigations, it is the keen software for smart and quick analysis. It is better than anything the Government uses. Pete Mancini, cicayda chief data scientist, states: "When I worked with the U.S. military intelligence, finding a key piece of data was the difference between life and death - thus we used very advanced technology. In legal, much of the technology assisted review and predictive ranking methods are rudimentary, comparably speaking. While traditional legacy TAR tools lend some benefits if employed precisely, lawyers need technology to do more than just cull and rank. What they need is cicayda's staccato - user friendly technology that reads the documents as a human would and finds the key relationships in the data, rather than just looking for words and ranking search results."  

New features and benefits include:


  • Improved Field Search - Operators have been added to enable refined field searches: <, <=, >, =>, =, between, begins with, ends with, contains, and is empty
  • Quorum Searching - The new quorum search type allows users to find results containing “Any of”, “All of”, or “At least” from a list of items.  Ideal for nested tag searching, domain filtering, or as a replacement to large AND and OR blocks.
  • Advanced Auto-complete for Field Searching - The new auto-complete feature lists unique entries in the target field matching the text currently typed into the criteria value field.  Our auto-complete even shows you the unique instance counts for each of the auto-complete suggestions.
  • Advanced Auto-complete for Tag Searching - This feature displays a list of tags matching the users current tag search criteria along with the occurrence counts of each of the suggestions.
  • Entity Explorer Improvements – Even better display of your results.

According to Marc Jenkins, cicayda’s Knowledge Strategist and Vanderbilt Law School Professor: “One of staccato’s interesting use cases, for example, is the ability to develop different scenarios, and quickly compare how the proposed request overlaps document sets, which have been deemed important. This is extremely useful for meet-and-confer.  You can quickly see and construct the review set of data by adding key words or concepts, or deleting via an intuitive search builder.”

For more information contact or simply drop by booth 524 at Legal Tech New York and meet our CEO and team.

By Guest Blogger: Cicayda