Monday, January 27, 2014

drone, specifically to help users analyze and discover important information in productions.



Nashville, TN.

cicayda, an eDiscovery software and services provider, announces the debut of drone - a digital data production analyzer, first of its kind on the market and priced for every lawyer.

drone gives lawyers an instant analysis of key people, organizations, dates, and other entities, displayed in a graphic user interfacing showing how they are related.   drone finds the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, and how’s in every eDiscovery data production, drawing on the power of cicayda’s proprietary search NLP analytics engine.

According to Roe Frazer, cicayda’s CEO: “drone gives every lawyer an ‘Ironman’ suit that allows for immediate analysis of any electronic production set.” Frazer adds: “We priced drone at an exceptionally reasonable level so that solo lawyers and small law firms could afford the weapon they need in the modern digital data wars of big data, technology assisted review, and predictive coding. With drone, any attorney can know what’s in the data production set immediately and see where the ball is being hidden, or, for example, if key custodians were not disclosed.” 

Knowing what is in big data is the key to winning litigation.  drone empowers the intelligent lawyering you need to know the data better than the party producing it.  

With drone, the recipient of a digital production is no longer at a disadvantage, but instead gains prime advantage over the producer of the data.   drone’s pricing levels the playing field allowing the davids to compete with the goliaths of the legal industry.

 Drone is updated weekly. Some of the newer features recently released include: 

  • Improved Field Search - Operators have been added to enable refined field searches: <, <=, >, =>, =, between, begins with, ends with, contains, and is empty
  • Quorum Searching - The new quorum search type allows users to find results containing “Any of”, “All of”, or “At least” from a list of items.  Ideal for nested tag searching, domain filtering, or as a replacement to large AND and OR blocks.
  • Advanced Auto-complete for Field Searching - The new auto-complete feature lists unique entries in the target field matching the text currently typed into the criteria value field.  Our auto-complete even shows you the unique instance counts for each of the auto-complete suggestions.
  • Advanced Auto-complete for Tag Searching - This feature displays a list of tags matching the users current tag search criteria along with the occurrence counts of each of the suggestions.
  • Entity Explorer Improvements - Phone numbers, email addresses 

About cicayda

cicayda delivers hosted eDiscovery software applications, professional managed litigation support services, and eDiscovery consulting and auditing. cicayda is led by experienced legal technology executives,  CEO Roe Frazer, CTO Jason Cox, and eDiscovery pros with a combined 150 years of litigation experience.  cicayda’s disruptive  eDiscovery apps include litigation hold management, data culling and processing, early case assessment, review, production, production analysis, search, and advanced natural language text analytics.  cicayda's eDiscovery software exhibits best-in-class speed and ease of use, while empowering intelligent lawyering.  We deliver better value and quality, transparently, with no up-front fees and no long-term contracts. cicayda is better, faster, affordable, and always reliable.

For more information contact or simply drop by booth 524 at Legal Tech New York and meet our CEO and team.



By Guest Blogger: Cicayda