Monday, January 27, 2014

cicayda’s first product, fermata, a legal hold tool has had over 50 customer driven updates


Nashville, TN.

cicayda, an eDiscovery software and services provider, announces 50 customer driven updates on its legal hold told, fermata, since the tools debut at LegalTech New York 2013.  cicayda’s first product, fermata, a legal hold tool follows the guidelines set by cicayda for constant continual improvement.

fermata legal hold promotes defensibility at the start of litigation.  It allows your staff to be more productive, your legal hold more accurate, and gives you needed defensibility.  fermata fits easily into existing legal hold compliance workflows, allowing in-house counsel and legal IT departments to manage the entire legal hold communications process.

New features and benefits include:

  • Templates - Create new holds based on other existing holds.  Copy elements of other existing holds into new holds such as notices, people, and questionnaires.
  • Automated Scheduled Reminders - Non-responsive recipients are automatically reminded to respond based on a selected interval.
  • Automated Scheduled Reissuance - Entire notices are reissued automatically based on the selected interval.
  • Improved Notice Management - Add new recipients to existing notices, manually change status of recipients to accommodate non-email delivery and manual workflows.  Remove recipients from a notice while maintaining full audit trail history.
  • Full Audit Trail Reporting - download a complete list of all events in a hold as well as collected questionnaire responses.

Priced at $25 per hold or a monthly enterprise fee of just $200, fermata, was the first of a series of cicayda's easy to use and ‘pay-as-you-need’ eDiscovery tools including processing, review, search, and text analytics. There are no other fees for getting started with fermata and users can try a 30-day free trial.  According to Jason Cox cicayda’s CTO and industry veteran: “fermata is a great example of the modern approach to software design and development.  Consumers have come to expect simple and powerful applications that require little to no training in their personal lives.  fermata applies those principals to their professional legal hold needs.” 


About cicayda

cicayda delivers hosted eDiscovery software applications, professional managed litigation support services, and eDiscovery consulting and auditing. cicayda is led by experienced legal technology executives,  CEO Roe Frazer and CTO Jason Cox, and eDiscovery pros with a combined 150 years of litigation experience.  cicayda’s disruptive  eDiscovery apps include litigation hold management, data culling and processing, early case assessment, review, production, production analysis, search, and advanced natural language text analytics.  cicayda's eDiscovery software exhibits best-in-class speed and ease of use, while empowering intelligent lawyering.  We deliver better value and quality, transparently, with no up-front fees and no long-term contracts. cicayda is better, faster, affordable, and always reliable.

For more information contact or simply drop by booth 524 at Legal Tech New York and meet our CEO and team.

By Guest Blogger: Cicayda