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LawToolBox calculates state and federal court deadlines based on rules of procedure for each court.



Litigators Use LawToolBox Court Deadline App for Office 365 & 2013
to View Firm Deadline Reports from their Outlook Inbox

DENVER (January 30, 2014) – LawToolBox calculates state and federal court deadlines based on rules of procedure for each court. LawToolBox has offered a deadline management system in the cloud since the late 1990s and court deadlines for Outlook since 2002.  But now busy litigators can use the new LawToolBox Court Deadline App for Office 365 and 2013 to view deadline reports by associate, client or firm without ever leaving their Outlook Inbox.  Further, Outlook 365 subscribers can also use the App to do an “instant import” of LawToolBox deadlines to their Outlook calendar. 

Even before a law firm has upgraded to the powerful Office 365 platform, firms of all sizes can use LawToolBox to calculate deadlines, access reports in the cloud by case, attorney or department.  And if the firm uses a “hosted” or “on premise” Exchange with 2003+ versions of Outlook, they can install an enterprise sync add-in for Outlook on a single computer in the firm to automatically synchronize LawToolBox deadlines to potentially hundreds of Outlook calendars every 15 to 30 minutes. "Because LawToolBox automatically synchronizes deadlines to Outlook and those deadlines are pushed to my mobile device, I can look at my deadlines from anywhere” says attorney Troy Rackham, Director at Fennemore Craig, P.C. in Denver, Colorado.

When the existing LawToolBox product is combined with the new LawToolBox App for Outlook 365 and 2013, the user experience becomes even more seamless and easy to use.  As LawToolBox users upgrade or move to Outlook 2013 or 365, they can continue to use the same familiar Office tools that they are used to, but now these tools can be enhanced by legal specific apps like the new LawToolBox Court Deadline App on  Once the app has been linked to LawToolBox, with just a few clicks from inside their Outlook Inbox, a litigator or support staff can view their LawToolBox deadline reports by case, attorney or firm.  The combination of LawToolBox court deadlines, and the LawToolBox App for Outlook 365, provides all the users involved in a lawsuit (e.g., attorneys, paralegals and co-counsel) with a “single” repository of deadlines, real-time, online, without ever having to leave their Outlook Inbox and thereby increasing awareness and reducing the risk of missed deadlines. 

“While there are many innovative products in the legal market, Microsoft Office is almost always the backbone of most law firms.  When we first saw apps for Outlook 365, we felt that Microsoft had raised the bar on delivering cloud based solutions to businesses, and that the Microsoft App Store could have a profound impact on the ability of companies like ours to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.  The Microsoft Partner Program provided great documentation and tools that guided us through the process, and their support structure was outstanding.  We discovered that the process of building an email app was not very different from building a website, and it was surprisingly easy once we jumped in and got our feet wet.”  Says Jack Grow, President of LawToolBox.  

LawToolBox docketing can be centralized for firms that want to limit access to a small group, and the simple user interface allows anyone to get trained in minutes.  LawToolBox has been monitoring and pushing rule-changes to law firms and legal departments online for over 16 years so litigators can focus their time on the substantive issues that impact the outcome of their case.

For typical law firms with more than a couple lawsuits at any given time, the most cost-effective pricing LawToolBox offers for is a subscription model based on a ONE-TIME “per lawsuit” fee that law firms then pass through to their clients (which means law firms typically pay nothing for the online deadlines, reminders and reports, and may qualify for significant discounts on their malpractice premiums).  Large firms or attorneys with a high volume can request custom quotes.  Sync software is available from a third-party provider for a nominal monthly fee based on the number of calendars to which deadlines are synchronizing.

Jack Grow
President and CEO
Tel: 303-759-3572   


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