Thursday, January 30, 2014

Japanese Language Expertise and Predictive Ranking Cut Review Set by 52%

Facing review of a set of mixed Japanese and English language documents, a major U.S. law firm wanted to use Predictive Ranking technology on the Japanese
documents. If Predictive Ranking could identify the likely relevant Japanese documents, the cost and time required for review and translation would be significantly reduced, enabling the firm to meet client-dictated budget constraints and court-mandated discovery deadlines.

Technology-assisted review often stumbles at the challenge of analyzing Japanese-language text. Catalyst’s process for first extracting and tokenizing text overcomes this challenge and makes the Predictive Ranking process far more effective for Japanese documents. For our law firm client, that meant a reduction of the Japanese documents requiring review of more than half. With fewer Japanese documents to review and translate, the firm achieved its goal of cutting the cost and time review would require.

By Guest Blogger: @catalystsecure