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PureDiscovery Corporation Rebrands as Brainspace, Releases Brainspace Discovery™ 4

PureDiscovery Corporation Rebrands as Brainspace, Releases Brainspace Discovery™ 4

New Version of Flagship eDiscovery Solution Adds Rich User Experience, Performance Improvements.
Rebrand Orients Business Around Core Brainspace Platform

NEW YORK (Feb. 3, 2014) – Brainspace Corporation, formerly PureDiscovery Corporation, announced a major new release of its flagship legal suite, Brainspace Discovery 4, at LegalTech 2014 along with a corporate rebranding as it gets ready to release a new suite of consumer and business solutions throughout the year.

As part of the company’s strategy to further serve the legal market - including law firms, enterprise legal departments and legal service providers (LSPs) - Brainspace Discovery 4 is a ground-up redesign of the previous PureDiscovery LegalSuite  offering. The product incorporates an entirely new workflow-based interface that integrates the company's transparent concept search with a powerful suite of interactive data visualizations.

“In building Brainspace Discovery 4, we set out to create deep connections between all of our core technologies so they operate as a single unified platform,” said Dave Copps, CEO of Brainspace. “In a single environment, Discovery 4 clients can now transform their entire case data into a semantic intelligence—a Brainspace. They can search inside that data set and now visually analyze information in ways that are simply not possible in competing systems. Our customers regularly talk about the ‘eureka’ moment when Discovery 4 shows them deep connections between data, and answers to questions they didn’t know existed.”

Among the significant improvements in Brainspace Discovery 4 is the extreme level of care given to user experience. With an all-new, information-rich dashboard and a complete rethinking of the search interface, Brainspace Discovery 4 is a pleasure to use. “Industry-leading interfaces and delightful experiences are core values of the Brainspace Discovery product,” said Jacob Morse, vice president of product strategy for Brainspace. “Having spent time listening to our partners and users, every element in Discovery 4 has been designed with improved efficiency in mind, putting the incredible power of Brainspace at the fingertips of users with any level of search experience.”

Deployment automation and scale have been other areas of focus in Brainspace Discovery 4 allowing for simplified deployment on customer sites, with rapid setup of production environments minimizing the burden on IT departments. In addition, performance improvements have lead to the ability to import one million documents per hour and manage hundreds of millions of documents seamlessly.

Additional Brainspace Discovery 4 features in the pipeline for early 2014 include:

  • Connections: a relationships and communications analysis tool that helps you map communications and social relationships to analyze spheres of influence and determine collection parameters.
  • Alias Consolidation: an all new tool enabling aggregation of email aliases, powerful analysis and labeling of groups within organizations; support for multi-tenant environments, continued performance enhancements and additional third-party connectors.

Brainspace Discovery 4 is available immediately and will be showcased in Booth 1718 at LegalTech 2014 in New York, Feb. 4-6.

The company also announced its rebranding to Brainspace Corporation today, launching a new website and visual identity as it gears up to release a family of new products in 2014 based on its core semantic platform.

“Our core platform has the potential to transform the way people connect with information and to each other,” said Copps. “It felt like a natural step to reorient the entire company around Brainspace, beginning with our name. We’re looking forward to extending the power of Brainspace to more people than ever before over the coming year.”

About Brainspace

Brainspace Corporation makes software that connects people and knowledge through a semantic intelligence platform. Brainspace processes information like the human brain—evaluating content, meaning and connectedness and determining not just relevance, but value. Brainspace’s suite of solutions will transform the way we find and connect to people, data and knowledge. For more information and to sign up to the invitation-only beta of Brainspace’s new social curation app, visit www.brainspace.com.

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