Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exterro Expands Coud Delivery to Complete Exterro Fusion E-Discovery Software Suite

Exterro Inc., a leading provider of workflow-driven e-discovery software, today unveiled, FusionNow, its expanded delivery model that now enables all Exterro Fusion® e-discovery applications to be managed in the cloud. FusionNow removes the burden of managing e-discovery software behind the company firewall and frees up legal, information governance and IT professionals to remain focused on critical business tasks. Exterro’s cloud-first approach delivers the added benefits of immediate Exterro Fusion software deployments and greater scalability as e-discovery demands change. FusionNow is being showcased, along with the full Exterro Fusion suite, this week at LegalTech New York in Exterro booth #230.


With FusionNow, all Exterro Fusion applications, including Fusion Genome® Data Mapping, Fusion Legal Hold™, Fusion Zeta™ Data Management, Fusion Project Management™ and other add-ons, can be completely managed in the cloud via Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure. AWS offers data centers in multiple regions, including the United States, European Union and Asia, allowing all data to be securely stored in a specified geography. Gartner and Forrester are among industry analyst firms that rank AWS as the leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud provider based on its unmatched capacity and product portfolio.


“It comes as no surprise that companies are increasingly adopting a cloud-first strategy to focus their resources on core, value-add activities,” said Bobby Balachandran, Exterro’s president and CEO. “Exterro has offered hosted, cloud-based software deployments from the beginning. Expanding our delivery model with FusionNow fulfills our vision of delivering our entire e-discovery software suite in the cloud with the enterprise-class robustness that our clients have come to expect.”  


Installing the software on premise presents unique challenges, such as navigating the capital budgeting process, working with IT to acquire hardware, software implementation and ongoing system management. FusionNow eliminates these challenges and enables legal and information governance professionals to focus on what matters – efficient, cost-effective discovery – not software management.


More information about FusionNow is available at Exterro’s LegalTech New York booth, #230, taking place this week, Feb. 4-6, at The Hilton New York in New York City, as well as on Exterro’s website at

By Guest Blogger: Exterro Inc.