Tuesday, February 2, 2016

LawToolBox Deadline Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2016

LawToolBox Deadline Add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2016

At LegalTech 2016 LawToolBox is announcing its new
Court Deadline Add-in for Outlook 2016.  This Add-in calculates rules-based court deadlines in all 50 states based on the applicable rules of procedure in state and federal courts. This new add-in expands on its existing apps for Office 365 and Windows, and is part of its continuing focus to help attorneys and legal departments calculate deadlines using products they are already familiar with.


In Office 2016, Microsoft has renamed “Apps” for Outlook to “Add-ins” for Outlook.  Currently, in Office 365 and Outlook 2013 “Apps” will only show up in the email app bar; but in Office 2016 an “add-in” can be configured to automatically appear in the Outlook Ribbon or as a “tab” in the top of Outlook, which is a look and feel that traditional Outlook users are familiar with.


The new LawToolBox “Add-in” for Office 2016 builds on 5 prior app releases for Office 365 and allows users to calculate deadlines from inside their Outlook Inbox, view deadline reports, and then to share any deadline with users inside or outside their firm.  For example, without having to install any special software or executable file, an attorney or paralegal can share case deadlines with firm members in Outlook, with an expert who uses Google calendar, an insurance adjuster who uses Lotus Notes, or a client who users iCal. 

In addition to calculating and sharing deadlines, LawToolBox has also added some powerful new features, including: (1) when a user receives an email notification on one of their federal matters from PACER the
add-in will read basic matter information from the email and streamline the calculation of new deadlines; and (2)  as you are writing an email legal professionals can pull up deadlines and matter information from any case in LawToolBox and insert them directly in the email you are composing.


The new features in the LawToolBox add-in for Office 2016 are part of the company’s continuing mission to build valuable technology for attorneys, and to streamline the automation of important procedures, whether they have a solo practice or are a member of a large law firm.

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