Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DISCO sets record year over year growth and adds key new capabilities to its discovery platform


172% growth plus new Workflow and Quality Control features ensures DISCO accelerates its momentum as the fastest-growing company in ediscovery


Legal-technology company DISCO today announced that 2015 was a record growth year for both revenue and new client acquisition. Revenue increased 172% in 2015 and 92 new organizations were added as new clients. This growth is confirmation that the market is actively demanding an easier and faster way to perform discovery.

"2015 was a year of maturation for DISCO as more and more of the AmLaw 200 and the country's best litigation boutiques adopt DISCO. Keeping our focus on performance and ease of use ensured that the capabilities we added throughout the year exceeded our clients’ expectations." said Neil Etheridge, DISCO VP of Marketing.

DISCO has added key new features to the platform to ensure that clients can leverage its next-generation discovery platform regardless of case size or complexity. With the addition of these new features DISCO is poised to become the new standard for discovery.

“Normally when companies add more complex features into their products, the products themselves become more complex,” says Michael Simon, partner at Seventh Samurai Consulting. “DISCO has managed to avoid this and remains true to its vision of simplicity and ease of use”.

DISCO Workflow was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of any review. From multi-terabyte cases with hundreds of reviewers to small cases with a handful of reviewers, the goal was the same: make setup, management, and organization of document review easy without sacrificing capability and control required by different processes or strategies.


In addition to creating a new restricted reviewer interface for contract reviewers, DISCO Workflow was designed to simplify 3 main things:

  • Creation and management of even the most complex reviews

  • Organization and prioritization of documents for review

  • Metrics  to gain insights from people, pace, and decisions being made during the review


DISCO QC allows review managers and lawyers to quickly sample, check, and analyze documents for the purpose of quality control. Previous solutions to this problem would require the use of complex product features, calculations in Excel, and an advanced understanding of statistics. DISCO QC changes all this by automating many steps in the process and dramatically simplifying the rest.


This new feature in DISCO is designed to make the process of quality control quick and easy --- so it can be used in every case. The key capabilities of this new feature allow clients to:

  • Create random samples from any subset of reviewed documents

  • Perform a focused review of documents for errors / overturns

  • Visually analyze the results and discover patterns in coding errors / overturns

  • Automatically deliver estimations on error rates for the entire document population


“Seeing the new QC features in DISCO was the first time the use of document sampling for QC made sense to me” said Danny Yadidsion, Associate with an AM Law 200 firm. “With a few clicks and the review of a small set of documents I get immediate insight into any problems with my review, and how to fix them.”


DISCO Founder Kent Radford summarized 2015: "We built a world-class engineering team in Houston and Austin and a seasoned sales and services team in major cities across the United States. With the best product and the best people, we look forward to setting another record in 2016.”



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By Guest Blogger: CS Disco