Monday, July 13, 2015

How the @SupportPayApp Works with Child Support Systems to Help Manage Shared Expenses

After a separation or divorce, parents who live apart may have a child support order or agreement - yet are left to figure out how to manage the process on their own, inevitably leading to conflict and tension. SupportPay (, a desktop/mobile app is the first platform to address this need, by helping to standardize the billing and payment process for child support as well as other shared expenses – such as medical, child care, education, and extracurricular activities – that aren’t usually addressed by court orders or state-run payment platforms. SupportPay is private, secure, and fully transparent – making the process of managing & paying child support and sharing other child-related expenses simple and less stressful. 


SupportPay allows a parent to manage the monthly child support payment, as well as easily submit additional expenses and attache receipts. The other parent can quickly review the item, see immediately that the expense is for their child, and make or schedule a payment directly through the platform. SupportPay does all of the calculations, tracking and reminders for parents, so they don’t have to worry or fight about it. The platform stores the complete child support information, and provides a certified record for court or tax purposes. As a result, paying parents can easily see the money is going to their children, while receiving parents clearly demonstrate exactly what it costs to raise them. In fact, SupportPay is so effective in the child support process that parents are 90 percent more likely to pay or receive child support than without the system, according to founder Sheri Atwood.


By Guest Blogger: Supportpay