Monday, July 6, 2015

Clio announces 9 new features at Legaltech West conference.

Clio continues lead among legal practice management vendors by announcing 9 new features schedules to be released in July. These features expand the functionality of Clio, making it even easier for small to medium-sized law firms to manage both the legal and business aspects of being a lawyer.

Each new feature makes it easier for lawyers to track, organize, and act upon information stored in Clio.  Features are not limited to any single device, but instead focus on letting lawyers use their preferred means of accessing their information. Clio maintains development teams that create and improve the features used by lawyers on computers and mobile devices, like the iPhone or Android tablets, with new features being announced across devices.

The new features to be released are:

Matter Budgets — Carefully manage your firm's profit margins by assigning a budget to each matter and track it over time. Get real-time insight into profit margins and greater visibility of productivity by matter. Our Elite customers will receive this feature for early beta access.

Job Titles — Provide greater visibility on your client's bills—display specific job titles on your attorney summary and internal billing reports.

Firm-wide Billing—Batch billing used to be limited by the number of records displayed per page in your Clio account; not anymore. Generate a month’s worth of invoices for every client record in Clio. One-click billing just became a reality.

Sortable Custom Fields — Optimize your data entry activities by ordering custom fields in a way that suits your firm's workflow.

Document Upload Upgrades — Save time during batch uploads by sending each document directly to different matters and categories.

Documents for Android — Easily view documents that are associated with a matter from your Android device for improved productivity and accessibility.

Secure Messages for iOS — Mobile access to all your client communications, including the ability to send, view, and respond to secure messages from clients, co-counsel, or staff.

Notifications for iOS— Stay on top of your Clio tasks using the iOS notification center. Receive a notification when a task is assigned to you or completed.

Zapier for EU—Zapier, the internet automation tool that gives you the ability to integrate Clio with hundreds of other web apps, is now fully available to our UK and EU customers.

Interested in learning more about these features? Stop by booth 416 at Legaltech West to see Clio in action.

By Guest Blogger: Themis Solutions (Clio)