Thursday, May 29, 2014

Litigation finance firm, VRM, employs a scientific approach in its analysis of case risk

Vinson Resolution Management is a U.S. based financial services firm providing capital for the funding of meritorious commercial litigation.

VRM is the only litigation finance company that employs a scientific approach in its analysis of case risk. Known as the VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM VRM’s proprietary technology uses sophisticated statistical and mathematical techniques to assess the merits of a claim and the potential for financial success.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Donald E. Vinson, the “founding father” of the trial consulting industry, VRM’s core team is comprised of professionals with over 35 years of experience in trial strategy, case management, business, insurance, financial risk management, and the social and behavioral sciences. Providing capital is a natural extension of this collective experience.


VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM Key Points:


Vinson Resolution Management utilizes a proprietary technology, The VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM, to rigorously analyze claims from multiple perspectives using sophisticated statistical and mathematical techniques.

No other organization possesses the technology, the data, or the systems for objectively evaluating legal claims, their perceived merits and their potential financial success.

We have such confidence in the VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM that we are willing to put our capital at risk in order to help our clients pursue their claims.

Clients who retain VRM afford themselves the opportunity to obtain a rigorous analysis of their case before substantial resources have been expended. Positive results from the VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM can be viewed as further validation that a claim is worth litigating. Less favorable results offer clients another value-added piece of information to take into account when making decisions about whether or not to pursue litigation.

Key Benefits of having your case evaluated using the VRM Evaluation ProtocolSM:

  • Significantly enhance the early case assessment process
  • Obtain improved clarity on the validity of potential cases
  • Identify appropriate claims to pursue
  • Select claims with the greatest potential for successful resolution
  • Thoroughly evaluate the merits of a case
  • Objectively weigh the economic costs and benefits of pursuing a claim
  • Establish a basis for the development of litigation plans and budgets
  • Establish benchmarks against which future case developments can be assessed


By Guest Blogger: Vinson Resolution Management